Jack Tatum (The Assassin) NFL Legends

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Jack Tatum {The Assassin} The name is self explanatory…The hardest hitter in the history of the NFL
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43 thoughts on “Jack Tatum (The Assassin) NFL Legends

  1. This dude is a piece of shit as far as being a human being…fuckin asshole paralyzed Daryl Stingley of the Patriots and couldn't even be a decent human being and apologize for putting him in a wheelchair….someone should've snuffed this dude out for that bullshit..

  2. This man put a man in a wheel chair and almost killed them,I know this man fun to watch,but he was crazy,its a game for our entertainment,every person he tried to kill had a family that loved them just like his family loved him,the rules were change because of people like Jack Tatum who launched there bodies and helmets like missiles,deliberately trying to do bodily harm to a person,that's not football, if he wanted to do bodily harm to people he should have been a boxer's, any fan that wanted this type of brutally behavior to continue is sick,what if it was yours son he paralyzes, do you think your son would have deserved this because he choose to do what he loved even tho he new it was dangerous, and that's where every last one of you who praised Jack Tatum for his brutal tactics would turn in to Hippocrates,he was great!! But that is not what football is,football is a game of sportmemship,I spelled that wrong but y'all know what I mean.

  3. I have a coin with Jack Tatum on it, the picture is is black and white and it did from the Ohio state buckeyes and on the back it has O legends scarlet @ gray on it, can anyone give me some information on this coin?

  4. Jack Tatum gets no sympathy from me. I was actually glad when I heard the news in 2010 that he died of a heart attack. The perfect end for a dirty player like him.

  5. All I saw was nothing but dirty hits and cowardly cheap shops. There is nothing brave about hitting a defenseless player. And despite all that intimidation talk by the Raiders of the 70's they only won one Super Bowl. So I guess their punk tactics wasn't all that great.

  6. And today it all means nothing CTE is real these player who made peanuts at that time and now lives with health issues, with very little support from NFL .The saddest part fans want big loud violent hits and don’t give a shit about the player the next day. When will we decide to care for these players latter in life. It doesn’t say much about us as a society that after we’ve been entertained by these players for years we MoveOn while this player and there family struggle with injuries long after they finish playing the NFL gives guys who Kneel down to protest millions of dollars and the players that struggle with depression memory loss physical and drug issues or cast aside. It’s great to be a football fan but if you don’t pressure the NFL to do the right thing then you’re just a fucking dumb football fan

  7. The dislikes are from former players in college and the NFL he leveled, I watched him play for the Raiders during the 70's, being a Bengals fan. I would cringe whenever the Bengals would face the Raiders, because I knew that this guy hit like TNT, R.I.P. Mr. John David "Jack" Tatum…

  8. Tatum and Plank…holy shit could those guys hit. Still glad the league are taking some steps to protect not just the people they hit, but the hitters themselves.

  9. Jack Tatum deserves a real biography of his life. I enjoyed this, the slamming hits, the whiners, but wanted to know more about Jack. His childhood, his family, his life after football. If anyone has a link to something like that, I would appreciate it. Every freaken QB has one; Jack Tatum played every single play FULL OUT, he deserves a FULL HOUR biography.

  10. Man com' on….the Raiders….they were KILLERS….i was a ten year old kid playing little league football at my local park….i would finish a football practice with a blaring headache having to taking 3 extra strength BAYER ASPRINS just to get sleep….WHY? CAUSE WE ALL WANTED TO PLAY LIKE THE OAKLAND RAIDERS, WILD AND RECKLESS WE DID….WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!

  11. As with all defensive backs, this gorilla included, most of their hits are in effect like sucker punches. The guy getting hit usually isn't that prepared and may not even see it coming.

  12. I love Tatum and all other hitters in the NFL.. I love the NFL. even the the guys on the bench…they teach us that the NFL now and in the future are warriors of all time and also included the wide receivers that gave their life to catch the ball in the notorious "dead zone" …these warriors sold out to catch that ball, willing to get hit…. by my fathers and brothers like Tatum….Captain Crunch…physics…motion kinetics….the hit..the ultimate moment of when a man or woman sees his/her true soul …the reflection of true honor and loyalty….getting the hit…….is the most honored thing in the world….My bros…the running backs taught me to be a linebacker….faster than me…bigger than me….but kind bros that helped me…to be the best at that time to be…I love the NFL……Mark Steven Graham nr. 51…..UNR…….Idol……..the fearsome foursome……Lamar Laundy…Roger Brown, Deacon Jones……Merylin Olson…..

  13. Back when the rules were different and there were no sissies on the field. Today they put the emphasis on stripping the ball and that usually gets the receiver 10 more yards. That is not smart for the few times it works….IMO. And it is true. The Raiders had the rep, but all the players tried to hit just as hard and "cheated" just as much if not more.

  14. Tatum was an awesome player who played in an era far different than today. Goodell has turned football into a pussy sport. You can't hit the QB, you can't hit a defenseless receiver… blah, blah, blah. Fuck Goodell. Tatum played the game how it was meant to be played and thankfully I have a ton of his games on DVD.

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