Is there a clear favorite to win the Super Bowl? (NFL Week 16 recap) | Around the NFL

Segments: (4:50) – Panthers vs. Falcons recap (10:00) – Packers vs. Cardinals recap (15:20) – Patriots vs. Jets recap (24:50) – Steelers vs. Ravens recap …


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42 thoughts on “Is there a clear favorite to win the Super Bowl? (NFL Week 16 recap) | Around the NFL

  1. I love the Vikings hate. How are you still blindly following the Packers? Against Arizona Vikings did better, yet Vikings are the worst team? The Vikings are 4-1 in the division, yes the one lost is to the Packers, but I feel like the Vikings momentum has changed for the better. You can't say that for the Packers. We'll see what happens on Sunday night.

  2. Whoever does the mixing for these, could you please please up the volume on their mics? Its so quiet when listening to this on headphones. Just a couple db's more please!

  3. Dan, first year watching, love the show, but I keep hearing; "team of ATL" … is that right ???? … if so…  WHY? … AT"N" ok (Around The Nfl), but "ATL"  what the Rosenthal is going on here ZUSer?!

  4. Dan Hanzus and Greg Rosenthal are idiots. Do they even know what they're talking about? Seems to me like they even watch the game and go only by stats. Hey dumb Fuck, when a team has more yards than the other doesn't mean they outplayed them! Holy shit they are retarded. They should've asked for a chromosome for christmas. "Analyst".

  5. these fags still think the nfl schedule gave the Chiefs a easy schedule, we play the same opponents the Seahawks play and most of our starters didn't play on top of that, the crappy Seahawks just got swept by a pathetic Rams team and yet, the Seahawks are supposed to be all that!

  6. The Steelers, Pats, and Panthers all lost because they knew they were the better team and could just walk in and win. Also, all 3 games were division games where you have to take out the records and just play. It's a shame that the Steelers would be left out of the playoffs because the Steelers can beat anyone as long as they show and the Fucking Texans get a home playoff game. With the Redskins in the playoffs, it's not that bad because there is no one in the NFC with a better record than Washington.

  7. If the broncos lose out and the Chiefs jets and steelers win their final games the Broncos would be out of the playoffs and Chiefs would win the division.

  8. these has to be the worst nfl season ever why because I haven't Seen no good football mostly all blowouts or wierd games where anything goes

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