Is Richard Sherman the Best CB of His Generation? | Good Morning Football | NFL Network

Good Morning Football debates which CB is the best of this generation, Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson, or Darrelle Revis? Subscribe to NFL Network: NFL Network schedule:…


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43 thoughts on “Is Richard Sherman the Best CB of His Generation? | Good Morning Football | NFL Network

  1. REVIS ISLAND ALL DAY! Glad to see alot of people on here that didn't start watching football 2 years ago and know that Revis is right after deion as the best shutdown cb

  2. Lol when did you guys started watching football? Revis and pat pete are both better than sherman, sherman gets more love because he got way more media coverage, and he was always taking trash.

  3. Although Sherman is very good he hasn't had the longevity of Revis and doesn't look as though he'll match Peterson in longevity. Also have the remember Sherman is playing with 2 all pro safeties, all pro linebackers and two pro bowl pass rushers on the D Line, not that this is why he's good or anything like that but it certainly helps

  4. it has 2 be revis…hands down…I mean ppl gave him the name revis island 4 a big reason…im not tryna take away from sherman…but he played with some of the best defensive players of our time(bennett,thomas,chancellor)so I can't say he's the very best when he had a supporting cast like he did…Peterson on the other hand is pretty special…he's on an island by hisself every sunday & he shuts wrs down…

  5. What! I thought the CB on the Patriots Butler is the greatest EVER. After all because of him the pats lose right. Truth was that was a excuse these guys are light years better.

  6. U guys really not going to add Chris Harris?? Revis is like 32 so I’m guessing we would add talib also? What about Darius slay he’s the same age as pat Pete? Idk what they me Sherman’s generation tbh.

  7. Sherman had like maybe 1 or 2 GREAT years.
    Pat Pete has always been good
    Revis was always good up until recently(but father time took it's toll, can't blame him for that)

    Revis is a top 3 Corner PERIOD.
    Patrick Peterson is in the top 10
    Sherman isn't even in the top 20

    1. Rod Woodson
    2. Night Train Lane
    3. Darrelle Revis
    4. Darrell Green
    5. Deion Sanders

  8. Sherman doesn’t follow the number 1 receiver. That’s why he never gets thrown too, because he’s on the 2nd or 3rd receiver. Or even tight end, in the packers Seahawks game week one last year, packers had Richard Rodgers on Sherman side of the field.

  9. I remember when the jets played the lions some years ago and Revis held Megatron to 1 catch for -1 yard. He really had WRs lost at sea.

  10. No-brainer, it's Revis. You can't compare stats because Revis didn't even have stats, he was so good. QB's legit would not throw the ball near his WR, hence fewer interceptions, pass deflections, and just about every other stat. That's how damn good Revis was.

  11. Revis hands down. That man, week after week, single handedly took out the opposition's best wide receiver. Moss, Ocho, Megatron, Smith, Fitzgerald; you name 'em, Revis covered them, and Revis shut them down. He is the greatest man-to-man corner of all time, let alone our generation. Peterson's great, kinda like a lesser Revis, but Sherman? C'mon, the dude only locks down one side. Just put Julio or Brown on the other side and they go off.

  12. I have to go Revis at number 1. In his prime it was a game of 10 v 10. Sherm is my number 2 followed closely by Pat Pete. But then again, Nate's word as a former wide receiver going up against cbs is more valuable than mine.

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