How to Stop a Drug Dealer

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How do you stop a drug dealer? How can we shut him down? How can we get him to stop selling to our friends and neighbors? It is important to know here that this is not the answer to getting someone off or staying off drugs. To remove drugs from any part of the equation is not the answer at all. If the interest is there, the addict will find their drugs. Period.

However, when returning from rehab or just getting and staying clean, some people choose to throw their current phone away and start fresh. They don’t want those former contacts to be able to contact them. And they don’t want to be tempted to dial any of them either. Let’s face it. We know very few numbers by heart any more. They are all on speed dial. Get rid of the phone, problem solved. This is a good start for many.

I would like to introduce a fantasy of mine. Let’s call this concept VOICE SPAMMING. We all know that drug dealers have one powerful tool in their arsenal. That tool is the cell phone. So I ask you, if you know a drug dealers cell phone number, how can you begin to shut him down? Or at least shut down that number?

Shutting down a drug dealer’s number is shutting down his business. Yes, he can and will go get another number. But what about all of the people that only know him by his old number? He will have to call each of them and prepare them all of the impending change or else he will lose a considerable amount of business. Then we do it again to his new number. The beauty of this concept is, that he has no idea who leaked his number in the first place.

If I am certain, and I do mean certain that I know the phone number to the person who is selling drugs to my child, this is what I would do. I would give that number to every person who would listen to me. I would email it to everyone in my contacts. I would post it in every store in town. I would distribute it to everyone at work. You get the drift.

Now, you don’t post the person’s last name. Just let the world know that his first name is “X” and he is a drug dealer. You don’t tell anyone that he is selling to your child. You just say… “myself and a few people are trying to force this guy to change his number”. That’s it. We are trying to see how many days it will take before he can no longer take the inbound calls, therefore choosing to eliminate that number.

Here is how I would suggest you go about Voice Spamming him (If this were not fiction of course). First of all, have everyone block their number before they call him. If he answers the phone, simply ask him if he sells drug. He will more than likely hang up on you. If he says yes, than you are dealing with a complete and total moron and simply laugh out loud before hanging up. If he says no, simply laugh out loud and hang up. Don’t threaten him. Just make contact once. Others will do the same. The point here is to get him thinking. That’s it.

Imagine being a drug dealer. All of a sudden, in one day, you get twenty calls from blocked numbers. Each caller has a different voice. Each call will begin to make you more and more paranoid. What would you do? You wake up tomorrow and the phone is ringing off the hook again. You would probably pack your bags and head to the bus station. On the way to the station you would probably dump that phone as well. Thus possibly saving the life of a kid across town that is calling him right now to buy a bag of dope that he would have OD’d on.

So, do you think this would work? Who knows? I guess we will never find out, after all it is a concept of fiction. Although, it is fun to dream.

Source by Scott Chittle

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