How to Find the Highlights of ANY NFL Game Since 2004

Note: the NFL has changed it’s website once again so that now you have to use the download website I provided. Here are the links I mentioned in the video: Nfl Video Downloader:


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20 thoughts on “How to Find the Highlights of ANY NFL Game Since 2004

  1. Why is flickering at 9:10 ? It didn't do that in my video preview, WTF

    A few updates: This is already outdated since the NFL updated their website yet again recently, so recently, in fact, that I haven't been able to update the video (I probably won't because I'll explain it here). These updates mean you can't download directly from the nfl website anymore but that doesn't matter since I already gave a external download website.This does mean that you can now view videos from 2009 from the nfl's video page, which means you can ignore the whole part about googling it. Another thing I noticed is that the last method no longer works for games in 2009 (it still works with games from earlier, but not in 2009, maybe I have the wrong link or something), This isn;t a problem though, since the last method produces highlights of not-as-high quality as the other ones on the watch page. If you have any trouble with finding a game, reply to this message and I can provide you the link.

  2. For those who are wondering how to download playoff games during 2004-2009: You will need to change the "W##" to one of the following: For Wild Card Games, do "W18." For Divisional Round Games, do "W19." For Championship Round Games, do "W20." Next, make sure that the year is not the year that the game is played, rather it is the year where the season started. In example, if I'm downloading the Giants @ Packers, NFC Championship Game from the 2007-2008 season, make sure that you do "S2007," not "S2008." Hope this helps.

  3. Just wondering are those video the full game with just the commercials cut out or are they the cut down versions that are shown on t.v? I personally enjoy watching the live version with everything extra and the flow is different, from just showing play after play. But with just the commercial cut out.

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