How to Display Your Sports Card Collection

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Have you been collecting sports cards since you were a small child? So have I. I have in my possession a Babe Ruth card that I purchased on eBay that I would never get rid of because it is one of my most prized possessions. You don’t want to keep your best stuff in a box, though. That’s why a sports card display strategy is vital to showing off your collection properly.

One of the ways that you can display your cards is through plaques. In my house there are several decorative plaques that have a many of my favorite cards. My favorite plaque has places for eight different cards all arranged in a circular design with a statue of a baseball player in the center of it made out of pewter. I even have one plaque dedicated to nothing but holographic cards.

Another way to display your cards is to have a plexiglas box made and have a mount placed inside of it for your card. This type of display has a hinged lid or door that can be secured with a lock and key so that you know the card is safe. These types of displays are not that expensive since plexiglas relatively cheap. You can even have designs etched in to the glass with words or letters.

If you go online you can find many sports card display tools for sale. These include baseball card display cases for individual cards, small collections and graded cards.

Last but not least we will talk about your options for displaying your collection. If you have a small room in your home then the best way you can go about displaying your cards is to use shelves. Of course with plaques all you must do is hang them, but you may want to do it in such a way as to be decorative. For example you could have your plaques framing your shelves. If you store your cards in binders, shelves work great for storing them. Consider binder slipcovers to keep the albums from falling over and potentially damaging the cards.

If you have a large office or room to work with then go all out! Create long shelves that can hold your entire collection if you want. Utilize a frame and matte to display your very best cards in and around an 8×10 photo or other memorabilia item.

No matter what type of design you go with the important thing is to find something that you find attractive, something that says “This is me.” Sports card display cases with your favorite cards can be great conversation starters and will help preserve your collection.

Source by JohnathanCovsney

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