How to Decorate for Your Superbowl Party

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Although you probably think that nothing could make you more excited for your Superbowl party than just watching the game on a large screen TV with friends and family, you won’t know how to truly build the excitement until you immerse everyone in the spirit of the day. Decorating your living room for a Superbowl party is both fun and a good way to feel like you’re participating that much more in the day’s events. With football decor and items available from online merchants like Fathead and Steiner Sports, you won’t have to worry about running out and searching for just the right items for your party.

Choose a Side

The best way to get everyone into the spirit of the day is to have everyone present rooting for the same team. This makes your decorating much easier as well because you can concentrate on one set of official logos, one mascot (if applicable) and one set of colors. If you have people rooting for either team, you can mix and match the decor out of respect for the enemy. And if the home team didn’t make it as far as the Superbowl, you can throw in a nod to your usual favorite team(s) as well.

Decorate with a Color Scheme

Decorating with sports memorabilia featuring your chosen team’s logo and mascot is the best way to capture the spirit of the event, but you don’t have to have a logo emblazoned on everything you purchase. Each team has official team colors, so use those colors to set the mood of your celebration. Hang streamers in those colors and use a tablecloth with those colors to decorate the refreshment table. You can also have napkins, plates and dinner ware featuring those team colors or the team logos.

Make a Poster a Central Focal Point

An official team poster as the focal point of your decor makes an otherwise drab wall the tone-setter for the day. Hanging the poster near the refreshment table or on a wall that your guests can see as they walk in sets the mood and gives your guests a chance to shout a cheer. If you’re decorating for multiple teams, you can hang one poster at each end of the room for a dueling motif.

Have Celebration Tools within Easy Reach

Items like pennants, foam hands, noise makers and hats featuring the official team logo can not only add to the decor, but they can add to the spirit of the party, too. Putting these items within easy reach–on a couch or in a cup on a table for example–helps spread the team spirit across the room. Plus, when your guests become excited, they can reach for the nearest celebration tool and have something to wave around.

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Source by Aimee Johnson

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