How to Collect Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls Memorabilia Effectively

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Michael Jordan would always seemed to be all over the sports section of every news broadcasts and ESPN news special, back when he used to light up the court with Scottie Pippen, on the Chicago Bulls. Unfortunately, Jordan’s retired from professional basketball; however, there are still many opportunities to collect Michael Jordan memorabilia, along with general Chicago Bulls memorabilia, to remember both of their amazing past accomplishments.

The Chicago Bulls, when Jordan and Pippen ruled the court, were known as the greatest American professional basketball team in the NBA, as they won 6 NBA Championships in a span of 8 years. These wins were a result of to two different counts of 3-peat championship wins, within the 8 years. During these 8 years, specifically in the ’95-‘96 season, they achieved a total of 72 game winnings, giving them the NBA record of being the only team to win over 70 games, in a single season.

Jordan has racked up five NBA MVP awards, 10 All-NBA 1st team designations, 3 NBA All-Star game MVP awards, 6 NBA Finals MVP awards, and the ’98 Defensive Player of the year award. With all these awards, he has earned the right to be inducted into the Professional Basketball Hall of Fame, which happened on September 11, 2009, after being nominated during April, 2009. Michael Jordan was then listed 2nd to babe Ruth, on the list of top athletes, created by Associated Press.

With so many accomplishments, in such a short period of time, Michael Jordan can truly take a good amount of pride and responsibility for the Chicago Bulls good fortune, as he averaged over 30 points per game, in-season, and just over 33 points per game, in the playoffs.

In order to collect Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls memorabilia from these amazing seasons, you are going to need a good place to find a wide variety of items. You must decide on what you want to look for, then search major places, such as the leading retailers and auctioneers. Once you’ve found good source for authentic items, you should not have a problem finding other similar items you need to add to your Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls memorabilia collection.

One of the biggest problems you can run into when collecting any sports memorabilia is wasting time flipping through multiple websites, while trying to find the best deal on you memorabilia. It would be in your best interest to look at websites who host items, specifically pertaining to Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls memorabilia, as they will often list items from numerous vendors, giving you the best variety of items to search through.

Source by Jeff Miramar

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