How To Beat NFL Domination Live Event! Madden Mobile 16 Tips

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best of luck on the road to gronk my padawons
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40 thoughts on “How To Beat NFL Domination Live Event! Madden Mobile 16 Tips

  1. "what is annoying is that it is ten stamina so if you lose, there is half of your stamina gone. and you can only do it a couple more times"
    -MMG Logic
    yes. if it takes up half of yr stamina, you can do it a couple of times.

  2. I remember once in nfl domination I throw a long pass,I get picked.i get so mad but I did not rage quit.i use pinch on defense,he throws a pick and I'm at like the 50 yard line with 5 seconds left.i chuck up a Hail Mary my guy catches and I win.πŸ‘

  3. bruh this event is rigged like a mf.
    1. pass interference is ridiculous
    2. you can leave the defender and they will come from down the street and get an interception
    3. i got walter payton with 96 trucking and they wouldnt let me truck at all and there defense is fucking 84.
    4. its like they have all the time in the world to throw but they get through your line like nothing even if you have 90+ o line ive been trying to get one collectible to get gronk and ive been at it for three months they give me the same one

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