Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs Game Preview

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HONCHO of SAUCE SPORTS: #SAUCENATION Its time to splash a stain on KC record. Were trending up and no one is getting in our way.

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21 thoughts on “Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs Game Preview

  1. 2 tds throwing and 2 tds running for Watson…Defense gets a pick 6 and forces a fumble and score on the drive….28-21 Texans…Chiefs might return a punk-ass kick tho

  2. Imagine if Smith gets knocked up a bit and has to come out and Mahomes makes his debut in Texas? I'm a Chiefs fan, don't want Smith going down the way he is playing, but I think it is a possibility the way the O-Line has been banged up recently and now having to deal with a good Texans front. I put my money on Andy Reid even still. There is a reason the Chiefs are only favored by 1 the last time I checked yesterday.

    Coming off a tough one vs the Skins on Monday, not having Tamba Hali (haven't had him all year), Eric Berry, Spencer Ware, Dee Ford I haven't heard anything about but was out last week, playing on the road, and 2 Starting O linemen are likely out?

    It's going to be a battle. I don't see Houston burying the Chiefs at all, it's going to be that battle we all love to see in a prime time game, hopefully. Andy Reid will have the Defense play Watson as if Mahomes was out there and force mistakes. He Knows QB's and obviously knows Watson because he passed on Watson in order to get Mahomes. Watson is at his ceiling right now, Reid and Sutton are going to make him hit the fan and knock him down a few pegs into reality. That shit won't last.

  3. Texans getting better every week. Chiefs on a short week. Deshaun shows up against juggernauts. Home crowd. Watt still waiting to get his first sack. You know who I got to win this.

  4. Well I am a Chiefs fan and I know your Team is good, we will see it is going to be a battle . I like your Team we are very fortunate to be where we are at and only one way to go when # 1 is down . I hope all calls are fair for both sides if you were playing any one else I would say WIN ! Ummmhhh this time no, just hope no one gets injured ok ?

  5. Close game, could go either way. Texans have a losing record in Prime Time games so we will have to see if Deshaun with the new look Offensive can change that.

  6. What would this mean for the texans if they win? Even better what if they whoop the ahit out of the cheifs? Not saying its gonna happen but what if? Would this make texans the best team in the nfl by beating the so called best team or is it just considered another win? Does that make them superbowl favorites? And fuck a rookie of the year award watson could be mvp at this rate

  7. We have the best running back in the NFL we have one of the best tight ends in the NFL do I have to talk about Tarik Hill Alex Smith has the best passer rating in the NFL we only allowed 19 points a game on average so say what you like it'll be a good game look out for the fourth quarter that's when we shine

  8. App of you are fucking stupid … I see all of your dream stat predictions lol … Remember Alex Smith on these Texans. Let me step into your Dre cloud. Alex Smith 27-35 346 yds 3 tds 6 rushes 45 yds … Hunt 17 carries 145yds 1 td 8rec 88 yds 1td tyreek hill 5 rec 88yds td … Houston 3 sacks. Watson your Golden boy 18-29 186yds 1td 2int 1 fumble chiefs 34 Texans 13 enjoy bitches. Texans will shine early this year but they will slowly choke and drown. Enjoy.

  9. I'm a Chiefs fan really like your show but I'm going to have to disagree Patriots fans so we're going to lose big we didn't Philly fan said that we would lose a close game but we didn't you can't find any really San Diego fan or excuse me La fans Washington fans so we didn't stand a chance they came out and hit us in the mouth in the first quarter but we still on I think you have a good team you're right about one thing score will be 35 24 but it will be the Chiefs and will win not trying to talk smack I think it'll be very interesting game

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