Hockey Gear – The Best For Hockey Players

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So you like to play hockey?  Are you a good player?  Are you fast?  Do you score a whole bunch of goals on the net?  What type of hockey gear do you use?  These are questions whose answers can seperate the good players from the great players.  In the sport of roller hockey there are many options to choose from.  Do I want to be an indoor hockey player?  Do I wish to play hockey in an outdoor arena?  It all depends on you.

Many people don’t realize that everything they do in the sport of roller hockey can have dramatic effects on the way they play.  Why is that?  If you look at hockey as sport, it is very scientific.  There’s speed, power, aggression, physics, and they all play a huge role in the game.  So it must come as no suprise to learn that the hockey equipment is manufactured with science in mind.

The best hockey equipment is most likely aerodynamic.  You would want to keep the speed or gain the speed to be quick enough to dodge or be fast enough to hit the opponent.  The hockey equipment should also be light.  The lighter the gear is, the faster the hockey players move.  A good mix to have, is both light and strong equipment.   You need hockey gear that won’t break and leave a player injured.

Think about this for a moment.  How good could you be at a sport if all the equipment was heavy and it busted on you all the time?  So these two factors are a given in hockey companies that are making the equipment.  These companies are making great technology year after year.  Some of it borders on science fiction.  Which companies make the best stuff?  Well, that’s only a question you can answer after you’ve tried a few of their products.

The following are some pretty well known manufacturers that make good hockey gear. 

Bauer: They’ve been around forever and are a household name in any hockey players mind.  They’ve also bought the company Mission.  So they have even more great products in their lineup.

Then you have a company that gained ground so fast you don’t know what to think.  Companies such as Reebok Hockey.  They went ahead and claimed Bauer’s rival CCM and are now known as the official hockey equipment sponsor of the NHL.  It’s choices like these that give hockey players an easy yet tough decision to make.  Both are good hockey companies and both make outstanding products.

Did I also mention that both make Ice and Roller hockey products?  They are very competitive and should be.  They are vying for the attention of all the sportsmen who play the coolest game on earth.  One thing you do have to be careful about are NHL player endorsements.  Any time a professional sports star tells you to buy something, it doesn’t mean they are being genuine.  It could just be that they were paid to do so and have dollar signs in their eyes.  So before you go out there and buy, be mindful of what you need to do to select the best hockey equipment.

Source by Rick Gragzins

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