Gordon Hayward Signs with Celtics [Utah Fans Burn Jersey and Diss LeBron…Hilariously]

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The Boston Celtics nabbed Gordon Hayward off the free agent market making their summer period not a total loss. They needed to sign Hayward, as they let Paul George and Jimmy Butler slip through the cracks. The Celtics addressed some front court scoring by picking up a Top 20 player from the 2016-2017 season, but is it enough to beat the Cavaliers and come out of the Eastern Conference?

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30 thoughts on “Gordon Hayward Signs with Celtics [Utah Fans Burn Jersey and Diss LeBron…Hilariously]

  1. y'all fail to see that the NBA is filled with talent and new stars WILL RISE. Stop dick riding the same dudes and being "oHHHH THE WEST IS STACKED" ..new players will step up you blind fucks. Tatum doesn't have the same pressure on him like BALL and FULTZ do so good luck to those two fudus

  2. You can't blame Ainge for not getting a trade done; Pacers clearly wanted to get PG out of the East, they turned down a much better deal from the C's and the Butler situation, the Bulls wanted too much from Boston given how much they have. Also LeBron is gone for the West after next season, so this is much more about the future than next season.

  3. Doesn't matter, they're still gonna lose to Cleveland. Even if they somehow manage to get past Cleveland, they'll be destroyed by the Golden State Bandwagon.

  4. Fuck this fucking new guy. I have no reason to say this and this comment is a joke. Good luck Zack/Zach hope comments like this don't happen seriously

  5. If Boston can use their assets and trade for Anthony Davis (or Cousins if they don't wanna give Davis up) that'd be enough for the Cavs and possibly the Warriors

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