Get Well Soon Deshaun Watson | 2017 Rookie Year Highlights | NFL

Houston Texans rookie QB Deshaun Watson will miss the rest of the 2017 NFL Season with an ACL injury. Relive the dynamic rookie’s first season in the NFL.


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39 thoughts on “Get Well Soon Deshaun Watson | 2017 Rookie Year Highlights | NFL

  1. Deshaun Watson was a fun guy to watch. If you got guys like Russell Wilson and others coming out and saying this kid is the future or so, then you know you made an impact. Get well soon #4, cant wait to watch you again next season! Also that last game with the Seahawks, what a way to go out with a game like that despite the loss.

  2. Houston needs to do this:

    Trade JJ Watt for first round pick. The man isn't the same, and we were #1 defense without him. We need to address other positions badly. With no first round, this seems like a logical thing to do. Having watt at this point is having a fifth controller for an Xbox. You're fine with four, sell the other. We don't need Watt and need to sell him when he's worth so much now rather than get nothing later. Trade for a first round OR trade for a big named safety!

    Draft and sign offensive line: protect Watson. He scored +30 a game versus BIG TEAMS. We need that firepower, that number one offense potential. Without him, we can't even score more than two touchdowns, and you can't win games like that.

    Sign a BIG NAMED Receiver: Hopkins, Fuller are the only big threats. Help Hopkins by adding another #1 receiver. Like the Thomas/Sanders duo in Denver. Attack Alshon Jeffrey, huge redzone threat. Or a slot player (amendola, Beasley, Edelman). Keep this offense aggressive. Trading Watt can be exchanged for a big contract for another big receiver. Hopkins in the slot? Man that's just unfair for a slot cornerback.

    SECONDARY: Trade for a VETERAN or find a GREAT ONE early in draft. Our secondary gets SMOKED. We should've won Patriots/Seahawks/Chiefs but the secondary gives too many big plays.
    Spend big on this position.

  3. He’ll bounce back. He bounced back in college and he’ll bounce back now. It’s a terrible year for injuries and not only for for the Texans. We’ll comeback strong next year. The nfl better be ready for us next year #TexansNation 🤘🏼

  4. I seriously love this dude, and it's heartbreaking that he could't finish his AMAZING rookie year. He's more than what we were asking for. He reminds me of Farve + Vick, He's an insane player! A Super Bowl is coming within the next 5 years i'm sure of it!

  5. At least NFL defenses going up against the Texans can breathe a sigh of relief that they won't have to face him, but damn this is huge blow. Unbelievable what he's been doing this season as a rookie. He is practically the Texans offense. Dude has pretty much been hail marying a majority of his td passes like damn son. Get well soon bruh.

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