Funniest Coach Freak Outs & Sideline Moments! | NFL

Wacky coach freak outs and sideline moments of all time! Check out our Head Coach power rankings here!


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46 thoughts on “Funniest Coach Freak Outs & Sideline Moments! | NFL

  1. God damn Jim Harbaugh needs to be back in the NFL. Imagine him and his brother coaching on the same team. That would be the best coached team in the NFL and win multiple superbowls (too bad the Ravens front office is incompetent right now and the 49ers front office as well). I would love for them both to coach a team like the Seahawks or Packers (because of the talent on those teams but there being some shortcomings) or the Browns (might as well actually get a coach for once and let the coaching staff actually build a proper team for once).

  2. That exchange between Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz is still one of my recent favorite coach moments.

    If only we had more video and audio of Lombardi, I'm sure that we would have a whole 20 minute episode of his freakouts.

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