Foosball Men – Information on Different Replacement Sets For Sale

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Foosball men are one of the most popular replacement parts searched for when it comes to foosball tables. Foosballs are definitely up there as well. There are different types of replacement foosball men that you should know which size, dimensions and more before buying.

When replacing a foosball man set, make sure to know the rod size. The most common ones are 5/8″, 9/16″ and 1/2″. Most of them will be 5/8 inches. Brands like Dynamo and Tornado foosball tables use 5/8″ but others like Sportcraft and Harvard use their own sizing. These sizes vary depending on the table, so measure this on the old foosball man or corresponding rod before buying a new setup

Besides the obvious different colors and designs that you can get from novelty and custom to the standard yellow men for table soccer tables, the foot of the player is the most important thing to consider. This will depend on your level and style of play. Also, it will depend on your personal preference and those that you play with.

There are club-toe, knife-blade toe, and hybrid toe feet. These are the most common types. Brands like Tornado have set the standard with the knife-blade toe. But, the new convention seems to be the best of both worlds with the hybrid foot players. Which you buy for sale is up to you.

For some fun, you can get realistic looking men. Another choice is the standard robotic ones with square chests. Some even get fancy and go for foosball men with hats. Whichever you choose, just make sure to buy in a replacement set to save money and get proper instructions for the setup.

You may need the pins that may or may not come with the replacement man. If so, make sure this comes with your replacing kit. These can also be bought separately.

Another thing to think about is whether you want counter-weighted or non counter-weighted foosball men. This will determine the feel of play when using a certain man and rod combination. Some prefer and some don’t. Play on different tables and decide for yourself.

If you need to replace a cracked foosball man or get a new set of replacement foosball men, then make sure you know the dimensions and size of your table’s rods. Then choose the proper toe foot type. Lastly, choose the color and body type of the figures. This is all you need to know to complete the process.

Source by Gary Holtzman

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