|| Film Session || Dallas Cowboys Free Agent Allen Hurns ||

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44 thoughts on “|| Film Session || Dallas Cowboys Free Agent Allen Hurns ||

  1. Say man, this is my first time on your channel. I'm diggin your style. You get the information across in a relatable way especially to cowboys fans. Like myself. Die hard. Plus you don't try to sell us any bs about anything. Good job bruh I'm subbin. Ps. If you like conspiracy/truther stuff.. That's what my channel is. I focus on the Las Vegas massacre

  2. As a Jags fan, I have to say the cowboys got a reliable and dependable receiver in Hurns. Ultimate pro who will put his body on the line to secure a catch. Sad to see him leave but he will definitely help the cowboys

  3. twill is not going anywhere they save nothing if they get rid of him this receiving core is going to improve competition will improve everybody

  4. I would think Dallas would keep their eyes open for another TE in the draft to run double TE sets.
    I'm not sure what happens to Beasley, but I would try to trade him to New England where Brady doesn't have a probably with smaller targets that run routes pretty well. I think they would accept a 4th for him.

    I like this signing.

  5. Dak doesn't throw contested throws. On plays you broke down Hurns got little separation. The problem with Dak is he's not accurate enough to hit receivers in NFL who don't get wide open. Even when they do get wide open there is a good chance he'll miss them anyway. A lot will argue that Mike Vick was a good QB. He had 50 percent completion rate most of his career. Dak will be riding that pine by week 4. Then all of you will see what was really wrong.

  6. Lombardi Dak Prescott makes non of those throws. The problem with the receivers on this team is #4. You guys refuse to call like it is, but short of Jerry Rice or Michael IRVIN you guys will continue to misplace the blame.

  7. Now we don’t necessarily have to take Ridley who most likely might not even be there so we don’t have to reach for WR in first round. We interchange WRs now in slot and outside and we can draft a WR with more speed in rounds 2-4 and take some much needed Defensive players like LB and even O line

  8. As a jags fan I liked Allen hurns. He's not a big jump ball guy,not a speed or quick guy but he's a dependable,great route runner who has good hands and makes catches in traffic and contact also has an injury history basically just concussions and ankles.

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