Film Room: Shaquem Griffin, LB, UCF Scouting Report (NFL Draft 2018 Ep. 7)

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39 thoughts on “Film Room: Shaquem Griffin, LB, UCF Scouting Report (NFL Draft 2018 Ep. 7)

  1. How soon until you cover the linebacker from Bosie who ran in the 4.6’s at 260+ because I want to have good tape on anyone in the draft potentially linked to NOLA.

  2. Hey Sam, can Griffin be a poor, poor man’s Deone Buchannan? He’s too small to be an Edge Rusher/LB but fast enough to be a semi hybrid. Or am I totally off base?

  3. I like how he being truthful and breaking down his bads an goods instead of talking bout how I like his story and hes gonna be drafted. 1 round not haten on him but just treat him like a regular player

  4. He should do a series where a random college Football player is chosen and do a "draft" review on him and see wjat round, pick, and/or team he will land at.😮

  5. Watch, Brett Koellmans video on him will be only glowing praise and talk about him changing the way the game is played or something like that.

  6. I think this is a fair assessment. Most of his issues have nothing to do with his hands, but with awareness and familiarity with the position and its responsibilities. Then you add his issues with the hands as far as disengaging blocks and tackling and you have an impressive special teams player that needs a year or two to figure stuff out before they're ready to play any significant amount of snaps on defense.

  7. True , stick to front 7 will be a good option . His athletic ability is good but need to work on his technique , he'll shine one those blitz package and special teams I believe .

  8. He won’t be playing in a 3-4 system, his whole skill set was developed in the 4-3 & that’s what most of this video shows. He reminds me a lot of tevin Coleman

  9. Safety!? The dude has one hand! I don't care how much motivation his disability gives him, that ball gets in his reach–I would think most coaches anyway–would want it snatched out of the air and not batted away. Griffin has shown tremendous raw ability, but I've never seen you, Sam, point out so many flaws in a single athlete. This leads me to think Griffin will be one of the many who benefit from the Combine, but in the end will not be all that great in the NFL. Someone will take a chance on him, as they should, the guy has come this far, I say he deserves a shot to try and prove naysayers wrong. Good video and analysis as always Sam!

  10. All that athleticism won't count for shit if he can't use his hands. EVERY position on defense requires SOME kind of hand technique/usage. There have been gifted players who DID have 2 hands who were busts long before him because they didn't know how how to use them….as unfortunate of a story this is; griffin is no exception

  11. I think he has day 3+ talent, but a real positive of him is that he's an absolute worker which is a very good thing but you can't ignore the issues for the sake of a good story

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