Ezekiel Elliott Mix – “RAF / Go Flex” (2016 Dallas Cowboys Highlights)

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8 thoughts on “Ezekiel Elliott Mix – “RAF / Go Flex” (2016 Dallas Cowboys Highlights)

  1. I love the video but I have to turn off the volume. I just cant stand the music! To me hearing what the announcers have to say is much more interesting than anything else one might hear. Also announcers bring perspective and context to the play being shown. Yes there are some announcers in the video but my opinion is that in the case of sports some things do not lend themselves well to music based on the purpose of the video. Anyone can put together a series of highlights and add music and "yes" they can be very entertaining and "kick ass" as I like to say.. It takes real skill to combine highlights to what different announcers would say one after the other because one has to make sense of it all so as you have continuity.

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