Ezekiel Elliott Highlights vs Seahawks | Every Run from 2016 Preseason Week 3

Check out every rush by Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot as he took on the Seattle Seahawks during week 3 of their 2016 preseason matchup. Subscribe to …


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43 thoughts on “Ezekiel Elliott Highlights vs Seahawks | Every Run from 2016 Preseason Week 3

  1. Y'all full of it lol smh… From all the talk, I'm thinking Zeke actually did run him over… The 1st one was Zeke at full momentum but got stood up by A FLAT FOOTED STANDING Kam, really… And the second time Zeke chose not to run head up but spin instead… Y'all know damn well head to head, both with a running start Kam would put Zeke on his ass… Don't worry, Kam prodigy KEANU NEAL will show y'all!!!

  2. zeke was full speed and chancelor was standing still he stood him up and momentum carried him foward and the second kam didnt rap up he spun out impressive anyway

  3. Everyone is acting like Kam is bad. It's more of just Zeke playing very well during this game. The first time he trucked into Kam was pretty nice. That play when Zeke broke off of Chancellor was because of Zekes split second decision to turn his back to Kam because he knew he would have got lit up if he went torso first into Kam like that not expecting it.

  4. damn, Dallas oline owns Seattle defensive front. they bully them 5 yards up field before zeke got touched. look at the play were zeke and cam hit. all players getting pushed back.

  5. damn he's just a rookie too and I think he's doing already good for his 1st season start. he likes to get extra yards and if he's sees an opening he's going to take it.

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