Every Touchdown from Week 3 | 2017 NFL Highlights

Check out every touchdown from Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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28 thoughts on “Every Touchdown from Week 3 | 2017 NFL Highlights

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  2. The Chicago BEAR'S are be a contenders with RBs Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard only thing they need is playmakers on WR from Markus Wheaton and Kendall wright maybe the signing of 1or 2 Free agent WRs its about to go down on TNF 🏈 🐻⬇

  3. Hey lets all make sure we contact the NFL and request “Burn The flag day” be November 12!! Maybe they could hand out flags and lighters as you go in.

  4. How many Patriots does it take to realize they have a flag on their helmet? Great joke if you get it…..if someone runs into an NFL player, owner, or executive please explain it to them.

  5. Trump should force the NFL to give back billions of tax dollars, and start taxing them heavily. Also the NFL needs to adopt affirmative action labor laws like the rest of corporate America. That means they need to fire most of their black players and hire an amount proportionate to the general racial makeup of society, otherwise, the NFL is a racist, hypocritical, black supremacist organization.

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