Every Team’s Best Play of Week 7 💯 | NFL Highlights

Check out the best play from every NFL team in Week 7 game action. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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35 thoughts on “Every Team’s Best Play of Week 7 💯 | NFL Highlights

  1. Where is the best cop hating knee takes of the week? Losers. Scumbags. They don’t make ‘em any stupider than NFL players….except the fans that still send these cop haters their money.

  2. Bro the toss pass from Brady to Cooks while Gronk plowed through defenders to lead block Cooks into the end zone is way more exciting than the play you put up. Come on man!

  3. Im surprised they didn't throw a flag for that stiff arm. That was definitely unecessary "toughness".. haha. Definitely the hardest stiff arm of 2017.. Maybe even ever. When you get laid out just as hard as an high speed collision, that's bad.. lmao

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