Every Jacoby Brissett Throw & Run | Texans vs. Patriots | NFL Week 3 Player Highlights

Check out all the plays by rookie QB Jacoby Brissett! The Houston Texans take on the New England Patriots during Week 3 of the 2016 NFL season. Subscribe …


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47 thoughts on “Every Jacoby Brissett Throw & Run | Texans vs. Patriots | NFL Week 3 Player Highlights

  1. I'm watching this video building a case that New England's offense is dummy proof. They scripted an entire watered down Offense just to help this 1st year player win his 1st NFL game. Bill is a mastermind and Aaron Rodgers is the best qb in the league.

  2. He looks good he just needs to work on his accuracy. You can definitely see this offense was built around him. Quick short passes and QB runs. This is why bill is a great head coach

  3. Runs too much, which is gonna get his ass killed (just ask RGIII)…but has great poise in the pocket. The Browns could use a guy with his talents…that is if Cleveland doesn't utterly destroy his talents!

  4. There's some potential there. Needs to make quicker decisions if he wants to stick in the NFL, but there's definitely some talent there. There was a few opportunities in those drives to call his own number and make some serious gains if he was able to do it more quickly.

  5. He made a few mistakes second half but i say the Pats are going to do really well this year if a rookie 3rd String QB can play like in the NFL. He doing better than my created character in Madden does as a rookie 3rd string…..shesh.

  6. not that bad of a start by a 3rd String Rookie. It could've been way better as he missed a lot of targets and made some decisions that could've been better but hey not too shabby a W is a W

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