Eagles vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL Season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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47 thoughts on “Eagles vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

  1. Need to get back to this level to face the Rams, my Birds. Yall were smelling yourselves after this game and you played weak against Seattle… get back to work!

  2. The saints were the standard for terrible football when I was growing up I watched bloopers and Tampa bay and the saints were always featured, so if both those teams can win a super bowl why can’t the Eagles, I don’t think this is the year but to count them out based on past history when the saints used to be just as futile is nonsensical. I think the Vikings are going to represent the NFC.

  3. The script for this year looks like 2004. Patriots go for 3 out of 4 after blitzing the steelers in afc championship, then face eagles in super bowl. Hopefully wentz doesn't throw up like mcnabb did.

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  5. I was there live at stadium drunk in my dez jersey traveled from California and at least we went 13-3 with a ROOKIE qb and hb eagles can still lose in first round playoffs after this game eagles fans were all jerking each other off like they just won Super Bowl or something lol SMH

  6. I hate the Cowboys, but if Wentz had no running game, or a great D, he's Nick Foles. Last year Wentz was what Dak is this year, This year Dak is What Wentz was last year. Both are only as good as who you put around them…as with any QB.

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