Draft Show: Full Live Mock Draft; Dallas Cowboys

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The Draft Show presented by Miller Lite kick off Draft Week with their full live mock draft!


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22 thoughts on “Draft Show: Full Live Mock Draft; Dallas Cowboys

  1. If we don't get Rashaan Evans I like MALIK JEFFERSON AND MIKE CICHY better then Josie Jewell. WR- Definitely get EQ and Daurice Fountain in later round 5 or 6th…

  2. To pick a guy that can't fend off blockers , is developmental at best to start, is a waste of a First Pick. Go Rashaan Evans LB or a OL guy like Hernandez. Vander Esch is a box of chocolates, you dont know what your going to get, Rashaan Evans can start from day one. He's the human missile, and plays nasty…Defense needs some of that desperately, too soft…

  3. DJ Moore is the best prospect available according to their mock. I don't see Vander douche being a starting LB in the NFL. Rashaan Evans will be excellent, but I think DJ Moore can be a true X reciever in a year or two. He's like a star RB once he has the ball in his hands. With that said, if Miller or Washington are available in the 2nd, I'll take Rashaan Evans in the 1st, but there's no way of knowing unless you give up a few those overrated compensatory picks to move up.

  4. Here is what mine would like:

    1st = Payne DT or rashad Evans LB
    2nd round= Anthony Miller WR or Ronnie Harrison SS
    3rd round= DJ Chark (if we dont get a WR)…Deshaun Elliot FS if we get WR in 2nd
    4th round=Trent Thompson DT
    4th Round= Wyatt Teller OL
    5th round=Garret Dooley LB

    not sure about the rest lol

  5. Its so funny people get mad that they picked vander esch they literally said they are doing what they think the cowboys would do…they said hundred times in prior podcasts that they like evans waay better than vander esch

  6. This draft is 🗣TRASH….Vander Esch will be a bust …… Landry,Evans, Moore or Hernandez…..we need to trade DLaw to pats for a 1st and a 3rd to build our draft

  7. I feel like y'all left 1 Technique flapping in the wind. Speaks can not play 1 technique, Speaks is another David Irving. Which if anything comes of the the allegations against Irving. You have a potential replacement. But, Maliek Collins in my eyes is not a 1 technique. Cowboys tried him there and I don't think its going to work out. I want a guy that can draw the double team, hold his ground, and help free up the LBs. LVE is going to struggle to get off blocks with out a good 1 technique, he will not be as effective if he does not have someone in front of him. I also like Josey Jewell out of Iowa he is my guy at LB. Da'ron Payne is my guy in the first round if Vita Vea is not there, cause I'm certain I can trade down or in the case of y'all's draft, out of the first round and still get him. Maybe call Indy and see if they would like to trade back into the first for a couple 2nd round picks or more.

  8. Madison is good but you guys act like there is nobody else available. What about Boettger and Welsch from Iowa? Clapp and Weathersby FROM LSU and even Hearn and Crowder FROM Clemson. Is Madison that much better than O'Connell even? What about MASON Cole FROM Michigan or Desmond Harrison is old but maybe he is ready to roll? The Stony Brooks guy, Wyatt Teller from VTech? There are so many guys that can start at Guard next year for us. I think we can grab someone ON day 3 and they are as good as Cole Madison. If we are going to really worry about a starting LG we have to go pick 19 or trade up rd 2 a s get one of 3 guys that are outstanding assuming Wynn goes to Seattle no matter what when they might be keyed in on Josh Jackson. Hernandez, Daniels or Price.

  9. I think Pittsdburgh is take Shaq Griffin. Think about it. The NFL wouldn't invite a kid that was a 4th rd grade would they, if they didn't know something? Pitt wants a LB and Shaq is fast.

  10. Why wouldn't they trade back with Cleveland, KC, Carolina or New England and still get a player they would take at 19 with extra picks

  11. I was irritated by their draft so I did one of my own.
    1. Rashaan Evans LB
    2. James Washington WR
    3. Derrick NNadi DL
    4. Terrell Edmunds S
    4. Micah Kiser LB
    5. Durham Smythe TE
    6. avonte Maddox CB
    6. Sean Welsh G
    6. Justin Jackson RB
    7. Trevon Young.

    I like this one better than theirs

  12. Here's the two picks that will piss me off and I am about 80 percent sure they will do this.

    1. Vanderech however you spell it at 19.
    2. There going to pull a DeMarcus Lawrence trade and Get Dez 2.0 oh I am sorry Cortland Sutton. 😡😧

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