DisplayGifts PRO UV Football Full Size Helmet Display Case, Mirrored Back and Gold Risers MH15M

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Protect your helmet in a top quality DisplayGifts® display case. Display is constructed of 3/16″ UV protected durable acrylic and mirrored Display is hand crafted with fire polished edges. Black acrylic two-tiered base includes 1″ gold risers. Clean cut at the base, there is no lip to catch dust. Inside usable dimensions are : 14″ Wide, 11″ Deep, and 11.5″ High. Memorabilia pictured in the display case is not included.Make sure it is the DisplayGifts brand on the box for Premium Quality and maximum Protection. Because other brand uses cheap acrylics which turns yellow over time. Unique clean cut at the bottom of the base to prevent catching dust. Make sure the one you received does not have a 1.5″ lip extended at the bottom which will get you a lot of dust and need wiping all the time.
Gold Brass color riser for the stand, for elegant presentation. Made from Quality Clear UV Protection Acrylic.
For full size professional or college football helmet. Football NOT INCLUDED.
CLEAN cut at the bottom base, with no LIP extending out to catch dust. Dimensions: 15″W X 13″H X 11.25″D (Outside)
Comes all assembled, not assembly required.

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