Different Ways of Taking Care of Various Types of Football Memorabilia

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If you are a fan of football, it will be not be a surprise if you have your own collection of football memorabilia. It can range from simple ticket stubs from every football game you went to or even the most expensive ones such as an autographed NFL proline helmet. Whether you are interested in collecting these items as an investment or just to show loyalty to your favorite team, sport items represent a valuable asset. It is important that you learn how to take care of each particular item in your collection. By being well-informed on how to properly take care of them, you will be able to protect the value of each piece. Here are some suggestions you can consider to protect your investment:

• Older version of bobble heads are usually deigned in paper mache. These items are often found dented, scratched and cracked so it is important you check inside for cracks and examine the spring before purchasing it. Always make sure to keep this item in an upright position and kept in a simple storage when it is not on display. You should never attempt to repair or touch up this piece in any way.

• Limited edition collectible bottles with your favorite player or team on it are a good addition to a football collection. These bottles should have full contents with original caps and always should remain upright.

• Jerseys are especially valuable if they are signed by famous football players. These priceless collectibles can be framed and mounted for display purposes. It is recommended to use the highest quality display case that has UV protection conservation glass for sunlight or fading protection.

• Signed posters and photos are prone to fading; therefore it is vital that these items kept it appropriate storage areas.

• Collectible glasses should never be washed in dishwashers because this will result in the paint of the glass cracking. Always examine these items for any cracks caused by heat exposure.

• Baseball trading cards are very popular collectibles. Protect these items by placing them in soft protective sleeves or plastic pages. You should always prioritize the condition of the card and the centering because this is very important.

• Helmets included in your collection can range from full size NFL helmets to mini helmets. You can also collect a line of NFL proline helmet. These helmets are usually placed in display cases.

• Gloves are essential when handling commemorative coins. This will prevent the oils of the fingertips from marring the surface of the coin. You can store these pieces in collecting albums with a plastic see-through sleeve for display purposes. In this way it will be protected for many years.

These are only some of the tips you can do to protect your football memorabilia. Your football collection is a valuable investment so it is important that you learn to take care of it to ensure that its value will not decrease throughout the years and you will be able to pass it on for the enjoyment of your family.

Source by John Rockwell

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