Different Types of Sports Gloves

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Gloves are made from garment and it is used for personal care. It wore by players in different sports to saves our hands from heat and cold. Different sports gloves are used to save hand of players from any damage by friction. In Some sports gloves are the main parts. Let we discuss about some sports gloves which were wore in different sports:

Boxing Gloves

In boxing games gloves are wearing by boxers during boxing matches. It is used as boxing equipment and also save the hand of striker during a match. These gloves are available in different styles and weights. First time Boxing gloves were used in 1990s. It made on breathable mesh pal technology and complete leather backed stitching. Weight of these gloves are varies from 12oz to 16oz depending on the weight categories.

American Football Gloves

Gloves which used in American Football is made of leather materials and available in different colors & styles. Players wore these gloves for preventing any type of injury or damage. Some top sports equipment manufacturers also made these gloves according to the players demands.

Baseball Glove

Baseball gloves are differing as compare to other types of sports gloves because of this design. Players are wearing these gloves during fielding for catching a ball. These gloves are also made from leather material and available in different sizes which depend upon the fielder positions. The regular size ha 9 to 12.75 inches. Different types of Baseball gloves are catcher’s mitts, First baseman’s mitts, infielders’ gloves, pitcher gloves, outfielder gloves and switch thrower gloves.

Cricket Gloves

If we talk about cricket, there are two types of gloves are used, wicketkeeper gloves and batsman gloves. These gloves are used by players for preventing any injury from the cricket ball because it is made of very hard materials. Batsmen are using these gloves during batting & wicketkeeper is used when they are wicket keeping. These gloves are also made of leather materials.

Soccer Gloves

In soccer goal keepers are wearing special type of gloves for gripping or safety. Soccer gloves are made from leather materials and less expensive as compare to other sports gloves. Players are also wearing gloves in cold conditions. The Top companies which are making goalkeeper gloves are Adidas, Puma, Nike and many more.

Driving gloves

These type of gloves are used by riders for control the vehicles. These gloves have large length and made of special type of leather These gloves add comforts to the hands of drivers.. These gloves are used for three main reasons; for gripping, protection in any accidents and increased feel of the road.

Golf Glove

Golf gloves are wearing by golfers when it is playing high or long lofted shorts. It also increase grip and control on golf clubs for harder swing. It is not necessary to wearing gloves on both hands. Most times golfers wear these gloves for only one hand.

Weightlifting Gloves

In weightlifting gloves are also used for preventing the hands of athletes. It is made of leather material and available in different quality and designs.

Pakistan is one of the biggest suppliers of Sports Gloves in all over the world because their gloves are wonderful quality and design.

Source by Marium Bukhari

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