DeShone Kizer Should Start For The Cleveland Browns

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Dshone Kizer should start for the Cleveland Browns. Kizer is leading the way in training camp. Brock Osweiler and Cody Kessler are both playing bad football. Coach Hue Jackson says the job is open.

Should the Cleveland Browns start DeShone Kizer?

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6 thoughts on “DeShone Kizer Should Start For The Cleveland Browns

  1. we have to see what Kizer does against the #1 in Preseason. I would start Brock and have Kessler to back him up. Kizer needs to know tat play book so we can have a Aaron Rogers situation for him

  2. When has starting a rookie qb ever work for the browns? Johnny Football? Nope. Brandon Weeden? Nope. Colt McCoy? Nope. Charlie Frye? Nope. Luke McKown? Nope. I can go on if needed(sadly). Starting another rookie qb is most likely going to get the same result.

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