Deion’s Top 5 Players of Week 3 | GameDay Prime | NFL Network

Deion Sanders gives his Top 5 Players after a crazy Week 3 of the 2017 NFL Season. Subscribe to NFL Network: NFL Network schedule: …


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20 thoughts on “Deion’s Top 5 Players of Week 3 | GameDay Prime | NFL Network

  1. I have been a NFL fan since 1980 and I've rooted for the Chargers the whole time ( through a lot of heartache) but I will no longer support the NFL or any of it's sponsors. Keeping my money in my pocket from this point forward. I just wanted to watch football but every single week I'm supposed to feel sorrowful for something I haven't done? Let the players sit at the bank and not stand up to cash " they check " . Yeah I said it, The sorry ass players don't have the balls to sit down and not accept their " United States of America " dollars. They didn't protest that. Goodbye NFL .

  2. uhhhh maybe you wanna update this video after the Redskins domination of Derek Carr and the Raiders????? They held that team to 100 yards total offense with three turnovers. That's insane.

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