Davante Adams Knocked Out On Brutal Hit By Danny Trevathan | Bears vs. Packers | NFL

Davante Adams Gets Knocked Out By Danny Trevathan Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, check out my other videos here: …


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35 thoughts on “Davante Adams Knocked Out On Brutal Hit By Danny Trevathan | Bears vs. Packers | NFL

  1. Still not as bad as something the CLASSLESS piece of shit Gregg Williams & the 2009 Taints would do. How is it that he and Sean Payton are EVER allowed to coach in the NFL again?

  2. I'm all for big hits in football but that is not football. Tackling 101 u wrap up not lunge your freakin head into someone else's head just to get cool points, if you justifying that the runner was still going even he wrapped up then he and the other tackler need to be fired. Hits like that don't have to happen if guys just wrap up, he literally could've killed that and take him away from his families just because he wanna get ooohs and aaahs. It's one thing if you rock a guy in his numbers, but to purposely aim and fold those arms up to lunge is another thing. And I guarantee yall that try to say it's football. Wait til it happens to someone of yours and you'll be screaming foul hit.

  3. Fuck football, shots just getting stupid, what is hitting a RUNNER in the helmet area. He's a RUNNER correct? The man was still up right? Conclusion clean hit. Hard hits arnt dirty hits. People need to grow a pair

  4. Bitch wanna Keep trying to make yardage after he caught the ball,
    That’s how you drop his ass in his tracks !!!
    Fool should’ve been happy catching the ball instead of trying to Progress it.

  5. I feel for trevathian being a defensive player myself these situations are impossible to gauge. Adams was In position to break the original tackle if trevathian would have stood by he could've broke the tackle and ran it in for 6. If you hit him you're scrutinized if you don't and he breaks the tackle you're one step closer to getting cut

  6. i swear nfl players are targeting "good important" players on purpose and getting away with it. its becoming like the movie "the longest yard" with Adam Sandler the nfl is nothing more then a group of thugs

  7. I'm usually on the side of the defender in those bang bang plays but this wasn't that. The Adams was already wrapped up. It was far more than a split second. He looks like he headhunted.

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