Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay post game report

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The Dallas Cowboys Green Bay Packers post game report live stream.


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26 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay post game report

  1. Also he the Red Puppetwent for the field gol on 4th and 2 down in the red zone in 4th quarter when he knew! THAT HE NEEDED AS MANY POINTS POSSIBLE, TO TAKE TIME OFF THE CLOCK AND HE HAD BEEN GOING FOR IT ALL THE WHOLE GAME LONG WHY! WHY! WHY ! WHY! WHY! DO YOU NOT CONTINUE THAT IN THE 4TH!!!!!! STUPID RED PUPPET! FUCKING RETARD!

  2. I agree with you and feel the same frustration. I guess we should have known the philosophy when Dak threw it to Dez with a minute and a half left or so. But about the Garrett leaving. Remember this, Jerry wants someone he can control. Only twice in his ownership has he bit and given in, Parcells and of course Jimmy J. That last series was definitely some stupid, stupid play calling. When the commentators are even on the right page and everyone in the country is as well and you score giving Rodgers that much time. I screamed fall down when Dak was running in. He could have slid at the 1. It would have been perfect. First and goal. But whatever, its over and we move on. We are now 2-3 but will be 2-4 for sure and that is a fact. Do you think the 49ers will kneel ? You can bet on it. And Jerry has said, if it happens, we are walking out. Forfeit, sure as shooting. And I am all for that. We can make it up. It will get better and the D looked better too. But somebody, somewhere has either got to teach Lewis or get his butt off the field. The plays he did make were absolute luck. Hang in there, we will win the NFC BEast, count on it. Cowboys forever

  3. True story I was at work and we had the game on when we were on that last drive and scored I turned off the game and grabbed my mop buddy asked ain't you gonna finish the game? I said nope it's over he said how do you know the cowboys are gonna win? I said we didn't we just lost glad I didn't watch that last packer drive honestly

  4. Mark….buddy….I recently turned 50 and I am officially OFF the Jason Garrett Bandwagon. If the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs…I hope Garrett is fired.

    The last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl….you were 30…myself? 28. We and the rest of the diehards (regardless of anyone's ages) are getting sick and tired of seeing this team underachieve. Time for a new coach…albeit a coach who keeps the players on their toes.

  5. hammered again say creativity again and a 10 min drive and your blaming coach…we'll explain last year 13-3 same coach but oh qb has same amount of losses and ints as all last year…what about that that has no effect in our team right? ha dude wake up and take off the shades…

  6. no it was a interception not a bobbled pass quit lying for shorty was dak!!! you were praising garret at halftime and how many drives did greenbay score in a min none till the end and dallas were passing cuz they cant score at will thats why! why werent dallas winning by more then 4 points so he couldnt come back and win game? you just won't blame real problem!!!!!

  7. The Journalists at Dallas.com are pathetic. They always say how great the opposition was this week Rodgers last week Gurley. They also doubt the strategy of continuing to run the ball when 2nd and 1 with a tick over a minute left. They are gutless apologists and little wonder this club has won nothing for 20 years.

  8. Packer fan here and the reason why I think we have chance beating the cowboys Is because your guys playing calling on offense and defense sucks and the falcons are very scary because their relentless aggressive play calling with explosive players we can't beat them as much as you can't beat us lol it blows packers don't have the greatest defensive play calling either

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