Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers Highlights/Recap

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Dallas Takes a tough loss to the GreenBay Packers.
In this video I Breakdown the loss and where Dallas can improve


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45 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers Highlights/Recap

  1. Come on, dude, what QB isn't happy about a win though? He's allowed to smile and get fired up once in a while. You think Rodgers is the cockiest QB ever? Have you ever seen Cam Newton? Now he's a cocky QB. I mean, the guy won an MVP and wore it on his cleats. Listen to the way he talks in his press conferences, smirking and making smart-mouth comments. Watch him destroy banners and props belonging to the fans of opposing teams. The dude had one good year, the year he won the MVP and he acts like he's an all-time great. He acts like he's superior than what he actually is. Rodgers is nothing like that. If anything, Rodgers is simply cool and confident. He's deserving of all the praises he gets for how well he consistently performs. Go listen to his press conference after the game. You wouldn't have known he'd just done what he did to the Cowboys.

  2. Hello COWBOYNATION! Jerry Jones is NOT getting rid of Jason Garrett anytime soon. If you look at last season, we won a lot of CLOSE games, the kind that we have lost this year. We will be fine! COWBOYNATION, DONT give up on Jaylon. This is the most football he has played in almost 2yrs. Chido needs to heal, and Woods needs to be our starting safety so Heath can go back to a role more suited to him. Brice needs to be the #2 receiver, and our o-line is beginning to gel. This season is far from over and it is about how to fix problems NOT point fingers. Coaching does need to show more variety on both sides of the ball for sure (WAY TOO VANILLA). EVERYONE ELSE is counting us out, Let's stay behind our COWBOYS and show these doubters what being a DALLAS COWBOY FAN IS ALL ABOUT! ( A COWBOYS FAN 40+YEARS AND COUNTING) COWBOYNATION STAND UP!

  3. I can't blame anyone but the defense for this loss. Sure, you can point the finger at Scott Linehan for passing the ball on 2nd and 1. Or Dak for not slidingย at the 1 yard line and letting the clock run down. But what if we couldn't have scored? What if Zeke fumbled or something else catastrophic happened? Dak scored just like he should have and it was up to the defense to make a stop. That's what they get paid for!! 1:13 is not a lot of time for the defense to dig down deep and make stops. If we don't adjust our defense during our bye week, we will continue to lose games like this. Hell, Alabama could score on our defense with the way they are playing right now with that bend don't break shit!!

  4. Williams cost us the game yesterday and Switzer cost us the Rams game. Dallas is making a lot of mistakes because they have among the worst coaches in the league…. Easily bottom 3 in the league….

  5. If we can't beat playoff teams back to back, and if we are not a Superbowl caliber team right now, and players are getting injured in games we can't win, then maybe we should tank and fire? Put ourselves in a great drafting position, hire new coaching staff, and flex that cap money? If we can't do it this year, then how do we put us in the best position possible to get it done next year?

  6. Dak came out and balled out ! Defense is trash we are 5 games in and I thought by now this defense should be clicking and coordinating together , I just don't know how I feel about our defense , looks like a another 8-8 season we barley win and barley lose some …

  7. A gimmick ?? Get out of here letโ€™s be objective the packers are the better team and down 15 still got the win … all I hear is excuses from cowboy fans. Aaron owns that garbage ass team moving on at least you will be better than the giants

  8. Great video Foots much Love and Respect my Brother Great information & detail that you give us on our Dallas Cowboys!!""How About Them Cowboys""๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ"" DC4LIFE""๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ!!

  9. same shit foots. we can only hope we spend money on defense in free agency and drsft a linemen so we can play power football and second roumd a wide receiver. why didnt garret tell Dak to slide on the 1 yard line use clock ?

  10. My friend.. were we watching the same Rams game? You said the offense didn't capitalize on the defenses good play? Given the qb in both games, Rams and Packers, the defense played horrible against the Rams… they scored 9 times at least. Kicked 7 field goals… not a normal thing…
    They needed to get presser on Rogers that last minute.. and played like bafoons…
    Prescott, once again.. played more than enough to win…

  11. A.Brown is getting burned way too much for big gains & TDs, after 1st game he has played poorly.

    OL is struggling, 2nd straight week LT Smith gets beat on critical play. Dez was open deep in GB territory, that's where Dakota was going to throw until he got stripped sacked.

    OL better with Cooper @ LG than Green

  12. Dez #1 Butler #2 Beasley slot guy and heโ€™ll no Dak didnโ€™t score too early it was that pass call was the problem they threw on second down then on the 3rd down Dak just wanted to take he lead. Fire Garrett and Marinelli and Scott. Offer the offensive coordinator job to Romo, hire Sean Peyton, and get Rex Ryan at defensive coordinator

  13. What do you mean by Rodgers being cocky? Is there a specific situation you're talking about or just how he carries himself? But yeah he's definately not my favourite guy.

  14. Bad bad coaching facts and We never get anywhere if the defense doesn't get better facts and style defense we play it's not working facts jaylon to slow Anthony brown stay getting burn and we are not tackling at all facts hc Garrett all he do is smile and claps ๐Ÿ‘ and thaey keep saying we gonna watch films and we going to clean it up but when it's the same ole thing every game day year after year facts

  15. Foots, if something doesn't work then you gotta change it up. The O-line is not last years, it straight up sucks. While the line has been junk compared to last year, Zeke is not focused and he can't break through tackles and there isn't burst when going through holes. I can't blame him…my head wouldn't be right if I were going through what he is right now. Coaching has showed that it can't adjust once things don't go their way

  16. I said it before and I will say it again. Cowboys never win with Garrett , Scott , Rod period. 2 and 1 and you throw the ball on 2nd and 1 need to run the clock . People get fired for that dumb shit . wake the fuck up jerry. Your losing cowboy fans fast.

  17. This one wasnt on garrett or dak or dez or zeke. Linehan did not play the clock right, terrance williams cant use his hands, and sean lee should've suited up and the reated for the next 2 weeks.

  18. Honestly man… I say trade Dez… for a "deandre Hopkins" or something… cause I'm tired of these big plays & catches by him coming once in a blue damn moon

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