Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers 1st Half Highlights / NFL Week 5

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Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers 1st Half Highlights / NFL Week 5

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20 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers 1st Half Highlights / NFL Week 5

  1. Malk Mores is a hard argument type dude . I like to argue just not after a big win ! We can pick up the argument during the week in this section Man but lets not fight back and forth on the live chat it's distracting and a win like this should be celebrated not bickered upon ! GO PACKERS !

  2. I'm really starting to not really like the cowboys no more they are some shit been a fan all my life but I'm tired of rooting for loser Jerry you really need to do something with that damn defense as a fan i say don't protest they NFL protest going to the cowboys game untill jerry fix the team people waste they damn money to watch them sorry a defensive players go out there and lose every time the offence have a lead they can't hold it so with that said fuck the cowboys we deserve a winning team in tired of this shit

  3. Game just ended and it's official our coaching staff are complete morons. Why pass on 2nd and 1 when Zeke just ran for 9 and then stop the clock. Why not have a spy on Aaron Rodgers on that 3rdn 8. Defense and coaching lost this game. Story of cowboys nation life. Great come back win…..again for the packers. #cowboys

  4. Cowboys defense line is better and the one thing coming into this season i thought i could hang my hat on was the O line and they have just not played as well as last year period.

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