Dallas Cowboys Draft Week – Q & A, plus some final thoughts

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In this latest episode of the draft huddle we are answering Q&A from our last video, talking draft scenarios, Earl Thomas chatter, and is TE back on the radar as a draft need?


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28 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys Draft Week – Q & A, plus some final thoughts

  1. Foots, I have been locked in for Dj Moore, Rashaan Evans, or Vita Vea if he happened to drop but WOW! Tavon Bryan is a FREAKKKKK! So, those are my guys. Watch more tape on Bryan and tell me this kid doesn't throttle our entire scheme day 1! Wow!

  2. You left out RB. But don't sleep on picking Guice. Don't forget Zeke is a knee or a party away from missing time. Guice is worth a 1st round pick

  3. I agree Ridley size could be am issue but don't forget Desean Jackson or Antonio Brown or Randall Cobb. Guys get bigger when they get into NFL program so the question with Calvin is will he put in the work. You don't know that until you pay him and I personally wouldn't take the risk. He is already 24 and it's not like Bama doesn't have a weight room. Desean came in young and AB was at Central Florida or someplace that isn't an all football school.

  4. Does anyone think Davin Bellamy or Reggie Carter could come to Dallas in 6th or 7th Rd since we can't get to Roqoun Smith?

  5. 4th Rd backs? Josh Adams has been slipping, Hines and Kelly have been on everyone's radar and probably moving up boards but Royce Freeman could have been a day 1 guy and now I see him in mocks lasting thru the 4th. Did Adams or Freeman get in trouble? If they are around will we take them even though they aren't necessarily scat backs?

  6. Foots you were def the first on Edmunds. When I watched VTech I was really excited to watch their young QB play so you can ask my girlfriend, VTech was just watch tv at my house on Saturdays. I wasn't even on Edmunds until you pointed him out.

  7. Alot people think we should draft a receiver first round but we should draft a defensive player first round and get Anthony miller fro. Memphis receiver second round he is highly underrated receiver

  8. No to Earl, because of the money – at least 9-10 million. No! 3rd round pick at best if we did. No!
    Imagine a 10 million $ vet getting burned in our secondary as he did from time to time in Seattle. Compare the numbers of Earl Thomas with Barry Church and know we let him go for a soft 6 million. 4 million more for Earl? No!
    Before I'd do that I'd trade next year's 1st for a 3rd and move up for Derwin.

    LC- Chido / White or D.Thomas Slot – Lewis / Smith [DP6] RC- Jones or Brown
    We play nickel or dime 80% of the snaps so Lewis inside is a good look. Brown, like Carr will be better on the right side; and Byron Jones is long and well suited to play matchups.
    SS- Frazier / Huff or Heath. FS- Woods / Moore[DP2]
    2nd Rd pick on a Strong in 2019 if we don't pay Frazier who I would extend right now.

  9. The cowboys need linemen both on defense and offense. Vida vea and will Hernandez his needed . We can get a receiver deeper in the draft. We a line backer. And a safety.

  10. Foots my brother what up I love Gesicki saw him kill my Wolverines a matchup nightmare I still believe in Rico. I don't hear nobody talk about Antonio. Callaway biggest steal in the draft period

  11. You need a receiver how are you going to complain about T-Will being your second wide receiver and in the draft someone not to replace him but to be behind him like Chark,Gallup,and Miller you need Calvin Ridley or D.J Moore

  12. I don't think Dallas does good in the second round . I would love to see dt or safety in first and second round og who do you think will be around

  13. Hey! Why we got to hear this foolishness and negativity from you guys on Rico!? Get otta here wit dat. Rico is a reason Dez got let go. DBs are not going to be able to handle this guy any more than Gronk. That said, a TE with pick 63 I gained in my trade down with the Pats would not be a bad thing, but I'm a Gamecock, so of couse I'm a Hurst guy. But my overall DRAFT is bettet, I take Ian Thomas in the 4th on a trade up, and I would not want to risk losing Tarvarius Moore, and like I've told you guys… Rico is the new lead dog. Tapper is our edge bender, and Randy will be just fine. The seant of bagging groceries is fresh in his nostrils.

    D-Law / Ealy. – Irvig / Settle / Ash. – Crawford / Collins / Jones. – Charleton / Tapper / Gregory

  14. Derwin James remind me of a MO CLAIBORNE PICK so don't move up for him Dallas let him be im sorry Mo appeared to be great but he wasn't and his tape look all the way better than DERWIN JAMES MY OPINION DONT GIVE UP NOTHING FOR HIM…

  15. I’ll be out there so I may come across you guys at some point. Except I gotta wear bears gear to get in. Friend got tickets to the bears section they show when they get their pick and I can only get in if I wear bears stuff so why not. I don’t hate the bears.

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