Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft | Cowboys Blog Final Mock Draft

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In this episode we are discussing Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft | Cowboys Blog Final Mock Draft of the draft season. I really appreciate everyone that has gone thru the draft season with the channel here , it has been fun talking prospects from the Senior Bowl, NFL Scouting Combine, and everything up to this point. Who do you think the Cowboys will draft in the 1st round. Share your mock drafts. Thanks guys! Be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, and hit the bell notification button.

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34 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft | Cowboys Blog Final Mock Draft

  1. I mocked it like this:

    1st was Evans, MLB starter day one… can rush on 3rd down too.

    2nd was Bates, FS and center fielder.

    3rd was T. Smith, WR. He is one of my favorites and underrated.

    4th was M. Pryor, LG/OT. Can compete at two spots, I like him more at G.

    4th was D. Senat, DT. Run stopper with some nice activity.

    5th was I. Smith, RB.

    6th were, Izzo, TE. One of the better blocking TEs. C. Sam, LB and JC Jackson, CB.

    7th was, J. Atkins, DT.

  2. If we get vander esch over evans in the first i will be pissed. They are over hyping vander esch. Hes a 2nd rounder. Dont look at highlights. Look at tape. He doesnt know how to fight a block when the OL gets to the next level. Evans always give the blow to the OL and is a sideline to sideline linebacker. Vander esch will be a bust. Beleive me!

  3. Joe your a cowboy fan no doubt , and we’ve threw minaskew comments back and forth but here comes a true true comment , except for Hamilton as the 7th pick , I can tell you did your homework, I might tweak it a little by moving up sooner to get a better wr but Washington was a 30 guy so no biggie and maybe but again ito Smith is a real good rb , might do something different there if the player is there , love your mock though , love it

  4. I would trade back with titans and receive an extra 2nd round and trade one 2nd and a 4th to Seattle 208 and our 4th next year for earl Thomas.

    1. (25th)Rashaan Evans – LB
    2. Trade with Seattle
    2. Billy price- OG
    3. Anthony Miller – WR
    4. Trade with Seattle
    4. Justin Jones- DT
    5. Siran Neal- CB/S
    6. Deontay Burnett- WR
    6. Ito Smith- RB
    6. Davin Bellamy- LB
    7. Tyquan Lewis – DE

  5. Dude… Tarvarius in the 3rd?? Nah man, I wouldn't even take him in the 6th. Looks lazy on video and can't tackle… same problem Jones has. I rather go for an OG or DT at that point.

  6. I think if we trade up to 10 it's for Roquon not Rasheem. We can trade back to Carolina and still get Evans don't you think? Steelers are the only team we have to pick in front of if we want Evans. I love him and I really love his running mate in the 6th round. Glad you got trades In this one tho. Sorry, if you had to pay that $12 I was down to share my code with you just not everyone in the world. Azadamblack@gmail.com is my direct email.

  7. Don't see them skipping DT with the word coming down on Irving that he's under investigation for choking his girlfriend and news is the Cowboys are looking in how they protect the club.

  8. I love the strategy of this mock Joe. I really hope we go LB or gaurd in the 1rst and wait 2nd or later for WR. I hope we double dip at both WR and LB as well. Good stuff bro

  9. If this David Irving news is true our draft strategy may have suddenly changed to DT @19 or 50 I’ll take hurst from Michigan at 19 otherwise I think we wait it out hoping for Shepard or Senat. But DT becomes immediate need IMO.

  10. I am telling you guys that Jones said to Linnehan get your a_s going with the offensive plays and he will. You can see the changes/additions and Jerry is listening to his coaches.

  11. Hines might be an option in the later rounds. Hayden Hurst the SC te actually lined up at fb and blocked for the gamecocks? Can you see him drive blocking for Elliott at 260 pounds ? Damn if hes there in rd 4?…..

  12. A scenario for the offense is Sutton and then they move up early in the 2nd and get Hernandez to be set on offense. An option would be Orlando Brown who can play ot and guard. Brown had a better workout at his university and hes got Nfl pedigree.

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