Dak Prescott Highlights | Bears vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 3 Player Highlights

Dallas Cowboys rookie QB Dak Prescott looked like a veteran as he led his team to a victory over the Chicago Bears in Week 3! Subscribe to NFL: …


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46 thoughts on “Dak Prescott Highlights | Bears vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 3 Player Highlights

  1. Was that Dak's first long ball? How sweet. TBH I wouldn't trust this guy to throw it further than 15 yards. He proved in the Giants game he is pretty inaccurate and threw dangerous passes. Most of his yards came from dumpoffs and comeback routes that go for about 10 yards.

    I also noticed he throws off his back foot when he is under pressure. That is very hard to reteach. You either naturally have the guts to step into the throw under pressure or you don't. But Dak is pretty good and accurate on the short ball. But under pressure he looks like Nick Foles. Only a matter of time before pressured throws off your back foot turn into picks.

  2. Is it me or does Dez seem lazy or weak, Idk it like he does not put up fights, and gets owned by small hits look at 0:05 at Dez. Like wtf, Love my man 88 but idk ever since that contract and injury last year he aint been the same

  3. As a cowboys fan, I always wanted a QB that was like Michael Vick. It gets the passing game going and still gets teams on their toes about the QB rush. Prescott is my wish come true.

  4. great block by offensive line.. he is just typical big Afro QB with great receivers and RB, so much time to through most them in this highlights.. If he plays for the Bills it can be another Emmanuel.. If he plays for the iggles he aint going to play like this.. sad to say this but Wentz is in different level.. If Wentz and Dak play for any team in NFL, I have my money on Wentz to succeed, maybe except Browns

  5. Eagles traded their 1st, 2nd etc and next years 1st to get wentz tell me which would you rather have Zeke, jaylon smith, dak Prescott, keep next years first round OR Carson wentz

  6. Dak is good no doubt but when romo comes back they should put him in since he's more experienced and dak is just a rookie. romo needs to teach dak for 2 more years and then we got an super bowl win with dak and maybe romo this year! Dak needs time to develop and be better than he is. Who Agreees?

  7. Dak is getting better with each game!! I hate to say it but as soon as Romo is ready to go, they will bench him. There is no way Dallas will bench Romo with that huge salary they are paying him!! It's usually not done in the NFL but if I was Jason Garrett, I would rotate Romo and Dak every other series or so to give each other a breather. Just like they are doing with Zeke and Alfred Morris. Even though we beat the Bears with all of their injuries, a win is a win. I'll take it!! Besides… No one cared last year when Dallas lost all those games because of our injuries 🙂

  8. So far this season he's thrown about 5 more TD's that never were. 2 to Beasley, 1 to Witten, 1 to Dez and 1 to Butler. Is it just me? Is it just meeeeeeeee, but this Dak so good I shouldn't have to watch for free.

  9. Dak once again deliverers. I am not surprised because i watched his play at Mississippi State. He has a great future cowboys fans you should be greatful that stephen jones drafted him but once romo is healthy he's starting. jerry jones said so on 105.3 the fan radio show in dallas tx

  10. damn he really looks good out there. I honestly didn't think he would do so good in the NFL, but he looked great in this game. Maybe he can help dallas be good again. They are long due for a good season.

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