Cutting Edge Designs For Baseball Uniforms

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The baseball uniform as we know it today hasn’t always been the same. Just like anything else, the baseball uniform has evolved and embraced technology and invention. The motto for any baseball uniform manufacturer or designer has been to create apparel that is more comfortable for players on the field; and this objective has been met to a large extent. Let’s take a look at the evolution of baseball uniforms and how cutting edge designs have contributed greatly to what it is today.

Style, Class and Loyalty

The baseball uniform is a lot about style and class. It is not uncommon to see so many different players wear their personality literally on their sleeves by the way they choose to don their team colors. Every player is known for his unique personality and athletic skills and most players very subtly announce their uniqueness by the way they wear their uniforms. Differences aside, not much has changed in terms of team colors; mostly because fans identify with a team of their choice by their colors. In the words of Jerry Seinfeld “Sports uniforms are packaging. But unlike any other packaging, if the product inside changes or degrades, we remain loyal. Players come and go, but change the uniform, and you’ll hear about it” hence players are generally known to stick to their team colors and usually experiment with designs and trends.

When players put their personal touch in to their uniforms, fan sit up and take notice. After all it is not difficult to pick the odd man out in a bunch of men wearing color coded uniforms even if that means a slight change in silhouette or design. A prominent example of this phenomenon is George Sherrill who has earned himself the nickname “The brim reaper” for his preference for flat brimmed caps. In the world of baseball where curve brimmed caps are the norm, a slight anomaly like a flat brimmed hat is noticed and becomes a part of a player’s personality.

The space below the Knee

For fans who are seriously obsessed with what the major players are wearing on field and how, the space below the knees is crucial. In fact as superficial as it may sound it is almost their personal signature. It is below the knee that most players have the most personal choices in terms of colors, designs and trends as most of the rest is the standard team colors. It is a commonly known fact that most player like to wear their baseball pants long however a fan notices when a player wears his pants over his calves complimented by a sharp pair of stirrups. This is generally considered a symbolic expression of honoring baseball traditional garb and legacy. A stirrup is similar to a sock in many ways except that it loops underneath the arc of the foot. Stirrups are generally protective gear and an early invention in the game of baseball.

Source by Joseph Smith

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