Custom Jerseys Meet Custom Pants

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Paintball pants are an integral piece of equipment worn by most paintball players.  The pants offer many additional features over jeans or other pants including padding, comfort and durability.  Paintball pants traditionally have padding located in the knees, thighs and sometimes in the hips and tailbone.  This padding is critical in offering protection for the player against sliding and diving on the playing surface as well as from paintball strikes.  Another key feature of paintball pants is that they are made from materials that are more rugged and durable and will not easily tear or rip when a player slides or dives.  They typically  have mesh material incorporated in portions of the leg that are not exposed to paintball strikes or turf-burns and help reduce the overall weight of the pants as well as allow for air to circulate throughout the pants which keeps you cooler.  While several companies manufacture paintball pants there is still one problem.  Up until now, paintball pants have not been completely custom.  

The design of most paintball pants is rather plain.  In fact, most if not all paintball pants are black.  Some will have a few stock designs stitched in to the pants but by and large paintball pants are not custom.  While paintball teams have custom designed jerseys made for them there hasn’t been anyone who has made custom paintball pants to match the custom jersey.  Xternal Sports has finally solved this problem by creating custom paintball pants which are custom designed for each individual team or player.  The Pro-Style custom paintball pants allows players and teams to have a complete uniform while competing in tournaments.  Since the design of the pants is unique and custom to each team it also has another major advantage over traditional paintball pants.  

Most high-level paintball teams are sponsored.  In exchange for the sponsorship, companies like to have their logo branded on the paintball jersey.  Since most tournaments involving these highly competitive teams are photographed and even filmed, sponsors want their logos to appear in the photos as they are spread throughout the internet.  Having custom pants allows for more sponsor’s logos to be placed on the uniform.  Now when a player is laying in the prone position on the ground and his jersey is face down against the playing surface, a team sponsor’s logo can be visible on the side of the custom pants.  

As with anything custom, price is still a factor.  While custom paintball pants may be more expensive than regular paintball pants a few things should be considered.  First, if a team is having custom jerseys and pants designed and manufactured at the same time, savings can be achieved by reducing design time since a lot of the design characteristics will be similar between the jersey and the pants.  Second, with the availability of additional space for sponsors, the cost may be offset by the addition of more sponsors.  Third, custom paintball pants allows a team to definitely stand out.  Custom jerseys can still look similar from a distance.  Two teams may have red and white in their design and though the jerseys are completely unique, from far away all that may be recognizable is a player wearing a red and white jersey with black pants.  Now a team is able to have a custom uniform that is unmistakably distinguishing from any other team.

Source by Xternal Sports

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