Cristiano Ronaldo And LeBron James Top World Fame 100 Rankings | SportsCenter | ESPN

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SportsCenter runs down the top 10 athletes, including Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Leo Messi, Roger Federer and more in the ESPN World Fame 100 rankings.

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47 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo And LeBron James Top World Fame 100 Rankings | SportsCenter | ESPN

  1. this list pisses me tf off its so fucking cancer how the fuck Phil Jackson more famous than neymar wtfff and lebron James more famous than messi and why tf isn't there other soccer players in here the list should be full of soccer players except for lebron James, roger federer, nadal and kd

  2. KD over Steph Curry is a surprise to me , Curry surpassed a lot of players the last 2 years especially in terms of popularity. The Jersey sales are one indicator.

  3. Steph is easily the most popular nba player behind Lebron; therefore, he should be ahead of kd on this top ten list if we talking about just "popularity" ! Also, Serena should be here & arguably Connor !

  4. Hahaha how the Yankees trie to put their Athlets in better position Than the Football Stars hahaha every footballer on this List is more famous than every us-american athlets!!! Football Nummer #1 sport in the planet !!!

  5. I'd just like to let everyone know that Ronda Rousey was placed several spots above Conor McGregor, as well as above her spot last year.
    even though the only thing she's done since then is get TKO'd by Amanda Nunes in under a minute.
    all they could say about her is how she was payed 30 times more than Nunes, and how she assaulted an ex-partner. y'know, just to make her even more likeable.

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