Cowboys vs. Packers | NFL Week 6 Game Highlights

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Rookie Dak Prescott threw for 247 yards and three touchdowns, and the Dallas Cowboys forced four turnovers in a 30-16 win over the Green Bay Packers and …


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46 thoughts on “Cowboys vs. Packers | NFL Week 6 Game Highlights

  1. I like watching Green Bay lose in whatever way in whatever venue, it delights me to see them fail. After Aaron Rodgers retires ittl be even funnier cause they'll be losing all the timeπŸ˜‚

  2. This was the high point of the 2016 season. Made us think we could do anything. The playoff game was given to the packers by the refs (Heath intercepted Rodgers, for the 2nd time, and the refs took it away with a ridiculous PI call). Hopefully we will not have to play the Packers in the post-season. Somebody else will hopefully knock them off for us in the regular season or the wildcard round. Here's to hoping!

  3. The game brought in a 28.2 overnight rating, the best metered market rating for an NFL Divisional Playoff game on any network in 20 years, according to Fox.
    The NFL hasn't responded to the "kneeling" against the Flag of the United States. There wasn't any of that disrespect before this game.

  4. BREAKING NEWS: A huge tragedy has happened today. At about 8:00PM EST tonight a huge bandwagon collapsed. Investigators believe it belonged to the Dallas Cowboys. Luckily none were killed but many were wounded and many were exposed to the true fans of the team. Many were seen fleeing the scene. Investigators believe they are scattering and headed for Green Bay and New England.

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