Cowboys vs. Cardinals | NFL Week 3 Game Highlights

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The Dallas Cowboys take on the Arizona Cardinals during Week 3 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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46 thoughts on “Cowboys vs. Cardinals | NFL Week 3 Game Highlights

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  2. Dak has to go. He can't pass even if his life depended on it. Another Tim tebow. I think romo would have thrown better passes and actually hit open receivers.

  3. Gotta say something here…did anybody else catch the exchange at the very end of the video between Bryant and Peterson? Total class, total respect for each other and respect for the game. Sometimes I think that fans could learn from players, they can get way too worked about their team, "you suck" and all that crap. Look, rivalries are a huge part of the game, no doubt about it. But at the end of the day it is just a game, you have to be bigger than it.

  4. I love the potential of Jourdan Lewis, Awuzie, and Woods. They will take some lumps as all young guys do, but they are all playmakers with tremendous upside. Carr, Claiborne, Church, and Wilcox were average at best and rarely made plays. Time for Jeff Heath to go back to just special teams and spot duty.

  5. "Dez Bryant out of the witness protection program!" can someone explain what I assume is a joke. Is it because he's had a bad start and has been anonymous?

  6. Boycotts NFL!!! Bunch of fucktards!!! … got nothing better to do but disrespect and shame the beautiful country that people of all races sacrificed!!!

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