Colts vs. Bengals | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

The Indianapolis Colts battle the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 8 of the 2017 NFL Season. Watch full games with NFL Game Pass: …


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47 thoughts on “Colts vs. Bengals | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

  1. this is weird but l am a but I am a Panthers fan this is weird but I am going to but this is what I am with Panthers fan they going to Angie's house so forget all y'all

  2. I swear, no matter how awful they ever get they will always be my team. Since 1989 growing up in South Jersey Eagles land through the Dan Shula days. All I want is one Super Bowl before I croak. Just one. It's all gravy baby.

  3. I want Brissett on the Jets next year if we can't draft or her K Cousins. But as a Jet fan I understand that's those are only dreams. Funny shift I grew up a die hard Giants fan, im from BK and moved to South Florida, and I hated the Dolphins so much I became a Jets fan, why Lord why??? I know the Giants are bad this year but they are one coach 2 tackles and a promising back up QB from the Superbowl. Bit it's Jets for life. Love you Giants.

  4. Cincy has about as much wasted potential and talent on their roster as Miami. They're full of excellent, talented players, but need a flukey pick-6 to take out a Colts team with no talent and a 3rd-string QB. AT HOME, no less. Breathe easy this week, Bengals fans, but don't get your hopes up for this season unless something changes.

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