Collecting Free Boxing Autographs By Mail Faq

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Q: When I write to a boxing star, how can I increase my chances of getting a response?
A: Keep your letters brief & to the point. Always be courteous – saying please in your request and ‘thank you’ at the closing. Always include a self-addressed stamped envelope and print your letter neatly & clearly.

Q: What types of boxing memorabilia can I send to be autographed?
A: You can send almost anything to be autographed! Flat items are the most economical, but you can send larger items, as well. Here are a few ideas: Ticket stubs, photos, index cards, etc. If you decide to send larger items, such as boxing gloves or trunks, these would cost more to ship and you will want to make sure that you cover the return postage, as well.

Q: Is it necessary to include a self-addressed stamped envelope when requesting boxing autographs?
A: Absolutely. This is the single most important thing that you can do to increase your chances of getting a response. More often than not – no SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) means no response.

Q: How long will it be before I get a response or boxing autograph?
A: Response times vary depending on the athlete themselves, their schedules and time of year. If it’s boxing season, for example, it may take a little longer to get that autograph from your favorite boxing star. However, if you write to an athlete during the off season, it may increase your chances of getting a quicker reply.

Q: How will I know if the boxing autograph that I receive is genuine?
A: You can always have an autograph authenticated, but that can get costly if you were to have your entire collection checked out. If you are a through-the-mail autograph collector, there are a few possible responses that you may receive. These include: authentic, secretarial, pre-print or autopen signatures. The first, and most obvious, is authentic and that’s what we all hope to get. A secretarial signature is self-explanatory in that it is usually signed by the celebrity’s secretary or assistant. The best way to explain a pre-print signature is that an athlete may sign one photo and then have copies of the real autograph made and send that copied photo out to fans. An autopen signature can be difficult to detect, but can be noted as an autograph that has a lot of ‘squiggles’ throughout. It also has very hard points where the pen would normally lift – it leaves a dark circle of ink where the machine presses so hard on the item being signed.

Q: Where can I find photos of my favorite boxing star?
A: There are many venues to purchase photos – many are listed online. In addition, you can write to promoters/agents and ask for a photo, which can be used to obtain individual autographs on that photo. Many times, the athletes are happy to provide their own photo if you ask them to do so.

Q: Where can I find the home, or email, address of my favorite boxing star?
A: For reasons of both respect and privacy, it’s always best to write to an athlete via regular mail in care of his/her promoter, venue or agent. Requesting autographs via e-mail is becoming more popular, but it requires that the athlete pay for postage and, therefore, is not always an effective way of getting autographs.

Q: I want to write a letter, but I don’t know what to say! Can you help?
A: Sure – politely ask the athlete for his/her autograph. Be sure to let them know how much you enjoy boxing as a sport and, in particular, their dedication as an athlete. Point out the fact that you have enclosed a SASE and kindly ask for their autograph. Finally, always be courteous and thank them for their time.

Q: I have a rare, one-of-a-kind, boxing collectible that I would like to have signed. Is it OK to send it?
A: Because there are no guarantees that any autograph request will be successful, and the possibility of items getting lost, it is recommended that you never send anything that you couldn’t be without. If it’s a rare item, hold on to it until an in-person autograph opportunity arises.

Q: I work for a charitable organization. Can I request donations in the form of boxing autographs for my cause?
A: If you want to request an autograph to be used for any type of charity, send your request on official company letterhead. Be upfront & completely honest with the athlete – if you plan to sell the autograph to benefit your cause, tell them. Many celebrities are happy to help with a variety of causes – especially if all you are asking for is an autograph.

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