Choosing the Best Way to Display Trophies And Medals

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If you are involved in sports you might have a large collection of trophies and medals in different shapes and sizes. They are a representation of your accomplishments in several sports events. Instead of putting them away in your basement you need to display them in an attractive manner. It is a matter of pride to show everyone your level of success in your favorite activities.

You can display these beautiful items in several ways. If you are creative you can come up with different ways of displaying your success. When they are displayed properly you will not only receive the appreciation from your guests but also be enhancing the overall visual appeal of your home.

Where to Display Them

The best places to display these items are the hall, bedroom, office, and family room. You can make use of different types of cabinets for displaying them. If you have a large collection you need to first segregate the trophies into different groups like those which can be placed inside the cabinet and some that can be hung on the wall.

You can also give more importance to prominent ones over those that are less important. Display the prominent trophies and medals in the best place where they will be the center of attention. You can either use free standing cabinets or those that can be fitted to the wall. It really depends on the number of items you have to display.

Display Methods

Glass cabinets are the best way to display your valuable items. You have to first decide the type of cabinets you are going to use and where you will be placing them. If you have big trophies you can consider using corner cabinets. You can display the items well so that they will be visible from any part of your room. Keeping them in a corner ensures safety, especially when you have kids and pets around. For smaller items you can use your empty bookcases and shelves.

If you have a lot of medals you need to use the shadow box. It is similar to a photo frame but is deeper to hold your medals. For easy access it has a hinged door as well. These boxes can either be hung on the wall or placed on the shelves. To make the display more interesting you can add decorative battery operated lighting too. Use tiny lights so that they do not hurt the eyes of the viewer. If you have photographs of the sports events you can frame them and place them also along with your collection of trophies and medals. Arrange them neatly and dust them occasionally to retain their beauty and shine.

Source by Russell Strider

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