Chiefs vs. Texans | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

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The Kansas City Chiefs battle the Houston Texans during Week 5 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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29 thoughts on “Chiefs vs. Texans | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

  1. I like seeing a team not give up on performing at the top of their game even when the game is over and they are certainly going to lose. Great for the fans and shows your mentality as a team. Good stuff.

  2. Chiefs look great but their gna get exposed by the Steelers because the chiefs are a fraud just like all Andy Reid teams are I know this from yrs of McNabb and Reid failures.

  3. I love how Watson has a few good games and now he's the greatest quarterback in the history of football. Give me a dam break it's only 3 games. We've seen this before anybody remember RG3 ? Not saying that Watson will drop off like RG3 but it can happen. So let's take a step back and relax on the Watson being unbelievable talk.

  4. Dude I hope the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this year I'm not a Chiefs fan btw i'm a Pats fan but Andy Reid is my fav NFL coach since leaving Philly and coaching the Chiefs they have got better every year

  5. I lost count of how many times the Chiefs got away with holding or illegal block in the back. This is why the NFL is in the state that it is currently in, favoritism.

  6. I'm a Chiefs fan, but the way Deshaun Watson played impressed me! That td pass to Will Fuller in the 4th with 12 mins. has to be in his top ten already throughout his career! Wow!

  7. Lol all these Texans fans thinking Watson's TD passes were impressive this game, let me tell you guys something, the Chiefs have Houston those TDs, they let them drive down the field to eat up the clock, y'all think you're serial for beating Tennessee like that, news flash Tennessee was WAY out of that game. Lol Texans are nothing special, they got DESTROYED by the Cheifs this game

  8. Had the Chiefs been more aggressive out there on defense, the result wouldn't have been 42-34. Despite starting 5-0, the Chiefs are still playing conservative out there. This is gonna have to be a habit that dies hard and fast as the Chiefs become playoff eligible. Don't want another disappointing playoff loss like every season since 2013.

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