Chiefs vs. Colts | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

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Nick Foles threw two touchdown passes in relief of the injured Alex Smith to help the Kansas City Chiefs hold off Indianapolis 30-14 on Sunday.

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37 thoughts on “Chiefs vs. Colts | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

  1. I'm a Chiefs fan, and I'm always afraid to play the Colts. I mean 0-4 all time against them in the playoffs and that 28 point comeback still hurts. This was our first proper win against Indianapolis since 2004. That 2011 game where Peyton Manning was out for the season and where I believe Dwayne Bowe defied gravity doesn't count.

  2. This is addressed to the Chiefs Kingdom
    I've been loyal to this team this franchise
    Since 1989
    I'm not going anywhere
    This organization needs to put more into This team
    no matter who it is
    General manager
    The Ceo etc
    this old franchise
    Has set records and broke records
    we are considered Long overdue
    stop playing with the City of Kansas City
    and bring the kingdom
    It's Super Bowl ring
    shots out to Marty Schottenheimer
    and the family members of his
    we have you in our prayers
    all the way in Southern California
    Let's Go Chiefs
    Derrick Thomas
    is starting to be Furious ! !

  3. the chiefs are so diverse it's really comforting actually. if a running back gos out we got another one and great receivers we also have great diverse defense and an amazing backup qb

  4. 3:36
    Worst call in NFL history, im a chiefs fan but im not even being biased to them. He had possession and had 4 steps and fumbled when he was out of bounds. Refs need to learn how to call a game. He was out of bounds when he fumbled the ball, as he was in bounds, he had full possession of the ball and when he was out of bounds after completing the catch, he dropped the ball. Catch.

  5. Don't get me wrong, I love Alex Smith. But I've seen what Nick Foles can do. He is deadly accurate and calm in the pocket. Foles has a Joe Montana-like quality about him. With another offensive lineman, a pass-rusher and a killer safety, Nick Foles can take this team to the "Big Dance." He's dangerous!

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