Chiefs vs. Chargers | NFL Week 3 Game Highlights

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Los Angeles Chargers during Week 3 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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37 thoughts on “Chiefs vs. Chargers | NFL Week 3 Game Highlights

  1. Boycott NFL!!! Bunch of fucktards!!! … got nothing better to do but disrespect and shame the beautiful country that people of all races sacrificed!!!

  2. Rivers had all those interceptions and it was still a 7 point game with 2 minutes left to play, Im not impressed by the chiefs. the play to Tyreek hill he ran free down the middle of the field and no one put hands on him to knock him off his route, shitty defense. and the play that Kareem hunt broke, the hole was big enough to drive a truck through. Chiefs are good but they are overrated, crown them just like you did the Raiders, wait until they play a good defense first, Chargers defense is trash, Jets defense is trash, and the Eagles only have a good defensive line which was almost good enough to beat them.

    Skins will show yall the true colors. Dont reply unless you actually talk football, I dont have time for fans that have never played. film dont lie

  3. If you take Hunt out of the game and cover Hill. There isnt much to this offense.
    This week they have the strong D in Washington. Norman can take Hill out of the game. They have speed at LB and Good front 7. This will be up to turnovers. Washingtons offense was impressive last week. This is going to be closer than people think..

  4. I called it since the second game. watching these guys play. They are without a doubt Super Bowl bound, Unless the Raiders and Patriots get their act together. Chiefs are definitely heading to the Super Bowl. St

  5. If the Redskins play like they did Sunday night the chief will fall. This chargers game was sloppy , the run defense didn't look so good .. the Redskins will be looking to run the ball and controlling the clock.. who ever makes the less mistakes will win this game.

  6. Is it fair to just leave my team🤷🏽‍♂️. Chargers worst team in NFL . Every time somebody does good somebody always plays bad to lose on this team . And they lost all they fans

  7. That loss was all Rivers the Chargers deserved that loss because Rivers horrible decisions. Been a charger fan for a long time and stood by Rivers but that was pure trash the defense had a great game though but it might be time to look for a new QB I want to believe he was having an off day but he led the league in interceptions before. It's an embarrassing time to be a charges fan not because of how bad they're doing but also moving and playing at a soccer stadium that usually has more fans of the opposite team in the seats. Well I guess I should just accept the chargers will miss the Playoffs again I miss the good old LT days.

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