CHI/GB Danny Trevathan dirty cheap shot on Davante Adams 9/28/17

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Here’s Chicago Bears LB Danny Trevathan with a dirty cheap shot on Green Bay Packers WR Devonte Adams in the helmet during the 3rd quarter of Green Bay’s 35-14 win on Thursday night. This play was flagged for a personal foul, but somehow, Trevathan wasn’t tossed as a result of this totally unnecessary hit.


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24 thoughts on “CHI/GB Danny Trevathan dirty cheap shot on Davante Adams 9/28/17

  1. I don't see a problem. The Packers receiver is still fighting for yardage. It wasn't that long ago that would have been viewed as a great hit. But today with the wussification of pro football it's now viewed as malicious. I suggest the people bitching here go back and look at the hits defensive players put on the opposing teams in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s before these new rules came into existence.

  2. Trevathan led with his helmet. That hit was a cheap shot. He tee'd off on a guy who was wrapped up and slowed down. The play was over. Should have been suspended for the two games he was originally given. sigh.

  3. Adams had already broken two tackles and wasn't going down across the middle every wide receiver in the league knows the risk. As a defender you make sure that bitch goes down after breaking two tackles not the defenders fault that the receiver drops his head on the play. Packer fans are pussies is the bottom line. Adams can learn a lesson here when you catch across the middle and see the play is ending go down dumb ass or don't bitch when you get knocked the fuck out period.

  4. It doesn t matter if he didn t want to hit as this way. I think if the hit finally result very hard as helmet over the opponent head for example, should be penalized. He did it and its criminal, Fired and that s all.

  5. What a criminal act. Shows what scum some players are. There was ample time to know what direction and level everyone was going. A fine and suspension are fully deserved. Next time anyone does such a thing, even the first time, the penalty should be higher as everyone knows what is not allowed. One day someone's career will end this way, hopefully not a brain injury, a cripple or death.

  6. The NFL knows its product is in jeopardy, if not already in unrecoverable decline. They need to protect their investments to ensure a level of play worth charging big money for is capable of taking the field, as well as avoid future player law suits. All understandable as business decisions. And judging from many team's performance, thats a razor thin line. But personally, its just not fun to watch anymore, unless its Redzone where they filter the endless trivial bullshit and advertising. And this current season's flood of hypocrisy and drama has deleted any chances of me spending money on NFL products other than the $5.00 a month on my sports package or attending any games. #behaviormatters #thethrillisgone

  7. boo hoo, like the dumb people who smoked cigarettes daxk in the day did not know they would get cancer. Like NFL players did not know that middle age was gonna bring problems. I jogged on the street for 25 years and now my knee and hip are shot. Should I sue the DOT for wear and tare? How about I sue the makers of cookies and fast food for making people fat. NFL players know what they got into when they signed up. Fame and fortune. They are gladiators

  8. Why doesn't the NFL stop these kind of hits? There should be ejection and then after the game a public ceremony that bans you for life from the NFL. And why don't they go to jail? For the LOVE OF GOD stop this insanity!

  9. Look it up. That hit back in the day did not get a suspension and a bunch of little pussies on YouTube crying about it being a cheap shot. Leading with your crown above the shoulders is a fairly new rule. I have been around long time to remember when the NFL was very violent. Look it up. Guess you guys never saw Ronnie Lott play.

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