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Barnett Football Eyeshield / Visor, Tinted 10% Original Conform

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Approved by High School / CIF and Youth Leagues Universal Fit. Both for Youth and Adult helmets. Two-clip system allows for fast and easy attachment or removal. Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating applied to ensure clarity and durability in all conditions. Blocks harmful UV/Blue light. Eliminates annoying glare and controls light intensity.Approved by High School / CIF and Youth Leagues Universal Fit.
Both for Youth and Adult helmets.
Two-clip system allows for fast and easy attachment or removal.
Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating applied to ensure clarity and durability in all conditions.
Blocks harmful UV/Blue light.

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Hanes Men’s Jersey Pant, Navy, Small

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Hanes X-Temp men’s jersey pocket pant responds to your body temperature to keep you cool and dry.Elastic waist with adjustable inner draw cord for custom fit
Spacious side pocket and open leg bottoms

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NFL Seattle Seahawks Three Way Diztracto Spinnerz

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Show your team spirit with this Three Way Distractor Spinners by Forever Collectibles. The 3-Sided Spinner is designed for maximum spin time and is decorated with your favorite team colored logo. It can be used to relieve stress and anxiety and is easy to carry. Makes for an ideal gift!NFL Three Way Distractor Spinners
3-sided Spinner designed for maximum spin time
Decorated with team colored logo
Can be used to relieve stress and anxiety
Easy to carry and compact

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Ultra Pro 1-Pocket Platinum Page with 8″ X 10″ Pocket 100 ct.

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These Ultra PRO Platinum Hologram Pages in one-pocket style are acid free and made with no PVC. These archival quality pages hold sheets 8″ x 10″ or smaller and are ideal for photos, print-outs, guides and collectibles. Pages are clear on both sides and fit in our standard-size 3-ring albums. The pages have a pre-punched 3-hole spine for our standard sized albums and are sold 100 pages per display.Archival quality pages that holds sheets 8″ x 10″ or smaller
Ideal for photos, print-outs, guides and collectibles
Pages are clear on both sides and fit in our standard-size 3-ring albums
Polypropylene pages are PVC- and acid-free
100 pages per display box

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Hand Crank Shortwave Radio

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You need to own a hand crank short wave radio. While these shortwave radios may seem to some like novelties, they can save your life in an emergency. A shortwave radio isn’t just some AM/FM radio, it picks up a variety of shortwave radio signals. These can include but aren’t limited to weather stations, news broad casts, and even signals from other parts of the country and the world. While you may not think of these as important, in an emergency, these radios and stations can be your only link to the outside world.

A hand crank short wave radio has many different power options today. What the hand crank does is every time you turn the crank, the mechanical energy is instantly turned into electrical energy, enough to power the radio itself, and even to charge up the rechargeable batteries. Because the cranking technology has improved so much over the last few decades, turning the crank just a few minutes can power the radio continuously for more than two hours without interruption. They can also use batteries, and when there is power, plugged into the wall outlets.

The real purpose of a hand crank shortwave radio is for if you are stranded, whether on land or at sea, or if you are in the middle of some kind of natural or man made disaster. No matter what the situation, chances are there isn’t going to be any electrical power, and any kind of regular electronic device isn’t going to work. This is where the hand crank action comes into play. In many cases, evacuation procedures are going to be announced over short wave radios from emergency services. They may tell you that help is on the way, where to go, and even what to do until help arrives. In the case of flooding, storms, or tornadoes there can be more important information given on how long the storm is going to last, or how much more inclement weather is on the way. Without this vital information, you could be headed for an even more dangerous situation, or even stranded for longer, because you didn’t know where to go or what to do.

It is important that you keep a hand crank shortwave radio in many different places. You should have shortwave radios in your home, vehicle, and if you own an RV or a boat, you should have one in these as well. You just never know where an emergency will strike, and having one at home while you are stranded in the middle of nowhere doesn’t do you any good.

Just as a hand crank shortwave radio can save your life, you also have to buy the right shortwave radios as well. There are many different brands and models of these radios, and they come in a varying prices. While there many different models, not all of them are the same. The first thing you need to think about when choosing one of these radios is what your needs are. If you just want one to listen to music on the go without having to lug around a bunch of batteries, then cheaper models are a decent choice. One of these is the Eton FR 150. This radio is small and compact, and has very minimal options. Because of this, the cost is quite low.

For hand crank shortwave radio options, where you need access to multiples channels, and emergency bands, more expensive shortwave radios are a better option. This is because they have a better quality sound, and are able to pull in more channels and stations. They have better batteries, and their cranking mechanisms last far longer than cheaper models. Even so, a good radio shouldn’t cost you more than fifty to a hundred dollars.

Source by Nicole Roberts

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Pittsburgh Steelers sons of steel men’s black t tee shirt NFL football handmade team sports football (2XL)

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Cheer on your favorite sports team in an original one of a kind design and look good at the next game…This is our best seller for a reason. Relaxed, tailored and ultra-comfortable, you’ll love the way you look in this durable, reliable classic. This relaxed fit classic offers plenty of room and is ideal for most body types. Perfect as an outer or under layer, this versatile t-shirt is a must-have for all wardrobes. This premium t-shirt is as close to perfect as can be. It’s optimized for all types of print and will quickly become your favorite t-shirt. Soft, comfortable and durable, this is a definite must-own. We take old school logos and redesign them into an entirely different logo. Making them one of kind! Also we have many one of kind designs these can be used for high fashion or limited edition designs for unisex tee or t shirts. (Men’s, Women’s and Children’s). Most designs are screenprinted or made of really soft vinyl. These shirts will stand the test of time without cracking or peeling. We take great pride in crafting each tee shirt we sell. The t-shirts in photo description are just examples of the many colors we have in stock. Available in a wide variety of colors Imported; processed and printed in the U.S.A. 6 ounce 100% cotton jersey knit Pre-shrunk6 ounce 100% cotton jersey Pre-shrunk Taped neck and shoulders Double needle sleeve and bottom hem Transitioning to Tearaway label Quarter-turned to eliminate center crease Classic fit Seamless double needle 7/8 collar

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NFL St. Louis Rams Fan Bead Dangle Earrings

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These fun and colorful Los Angeles Rams Fan Bead earrings are casual and lightweight fashion dangle earring with eye-catching team charm. These fun dangle earrings feature a team colored beads drop down to a carved and enameled charm. These sassy yet sporty earrings make the perfect gift for any female fan. Spice up your game-day outfit with these fun colorful earrings, they are the perfect accessory and also cute enough for any day.Officially licensed NFL product Licensee: Siskiyou Buckle
Colorful dangle earrings with team colored fan beads
These fashionable earrings come on hypoallergenic fishhook posts
The chic team charm has enameled team colors and carved details
This is the perfect fan accessory for any fashionable female Los Angeles Rams fan; satisfaction guarateed

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How To Develop A Relationship With Your Stepkids

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After a night of Las Vegas debauchery, a man groggily wakes up to find a scantily dressed woman next to him in bed. On the nightstand, he sees what appears to be a wedding photo from one of the strip's wedding chapels. Hastily putting on his glasses he covers his mouth in shock as he realizes he's the one in the picture.

Although the woman's face is partly covered, he notices the cheap wedding ring on her finger. He spots an open purse. He rummages through her handbag and he finds her wallet. He looks at her driver's license and sees her first name is Christina – he already knows what her last name is.

And before he closes her bag he finds a wide-ruled paper written in crayon beginning with Dear Mommy. The now-sober man realizes not only is he a new husband, but he is also a new stepdad.

How To Do It

When a couple dates, they make a connection and fall in love before deciding to get married. In the same way, if there's a child involved and your relationship is heading towards the altar you should begin courting your future stepchild. With the purpose of establishing a connection and developing a relationship before proposing marriage.

Developing a relationship with a potential stepchild is much easier and less stressful for all concerned when a partner is still considered to be a parent's boyfriend or girlfriend than it is when you become a stepparent. If you already have children your partner needs to understand and be able to embrace the fact, you come as a package deal.

Do not Be Santa

A common mistake made by many stepparents-to-be is to shower their fiancé's children with gifts in an attempt to buy their affections. The first issue is kids know when someone is trying to buy their love. They're savvy enough to not fall for the bait.

The second issue is the child might start to expect gifts from you all the time and without you're Daddy Warbucks, this will ever put a strain on your finances. Or even worse you contribute to the creation of a spoiled brat that expects to receive everything they want.

In the end, you run the risk of not achieving your desired results and your stepchild-to-be might become resentful of your attempt to bribe them for their love. The affection and trust of a stepchild come with taking the time and effort to develop a real relationship with them – not from trying to push it onto them.

Take an Interest in Your Child

One of the best ways to connect with a new stepchild is to take an interest in what interests them. If a child is not open about what they like, a talk with the biological parent might provide a starting point. If a stepchild is interested in animals, a trip to the zoo may provide a nice opportunity for bonding.

Older children can be harder to pin down and there are fewer opportunities to bond with them. Offering to help with homework or taking an interest in their favorite video game may not be the strongest of beginnings to a relationship, but it is a beginning.

Involve the Child in Your Interests

While you're taking an interest in your future stepchild's interests, you can also involve your stepchild in your interests. A child already knows their biological parents and has had plenty of opportunities to get involved with them and their interests. One of the easiest ways to let a new stepchild into the life of their new or potential stepparent is to let them get involved in their interests.

For example, if the stepmom-to-be is part of a bowling league, the kids may not mind going down to the bowling alley and get to watch or even take part in the game. At the same time, it's important to make sure the stepchild gets to spend time with their biological parent. This is especially true for children in a shared customs situation.

In shared custody, your stepchildren will only get a limited amount of time to spend with each of their biological parents. You should help make sure your stepchild maintains a healthy relationship with their biological mother and father.

Take Your Time

The greatest gift you can give your new stepchild is time. Remember your stepchild is grieving the loss of their nuclear family. It will take time for them to get used to the fact that their biological parents are no longer living in the same home.

It may take even more time for them to accept one or both of their parents have found someone else to fall in love with. It will take at least a couple years before a stepparent can actually build what could have considered a healthy relationship with their stepchildren. This can be made easier if the future stepparent begins to connect with the child before the wedding.

Source by Gerardo Campbell

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Teamwork Youth Turnaround Reversible Basketball Jersey, Medium, Black/White

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Teamwork is committed to above and beyond service and exceptional products that make our team your team’s first choice.Popular wide shoulder cut with tighter, tailored fit
Reverses to White with color accent
Opens on bottom for easy lettering

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All 32 NFL Teams Logo Helmet Stickers – Complete Die Cut in Shape of Football Sticker Team Set

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Die cut in shape of football. Complete Set Guaranteed. Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Denver Broncos Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Rams Miami Dolphins Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots New Orleans Saints New York Giants New York Jets Oakland Raiders Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelers San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tennessee Titans Washington RedskinsComplete nfl set guaranteed.
Die cut. 2. 5 x 4. 25 inches each. For indoor use.
Decorate your laptop, locker, video game system, cell phone.
Get creative, man cave, party favors, great fun gift.
Arizona cardinals atlanta falcons baltimore ravens carolina panthers chicago bears cincinnati bengals dallas cowboys denver broncos detroit lions green bay packers houston texans indianapolis colts kansas city chiefs los angeles rams miami dolphins minnesota vikings new england patriots new orleans saints new york giants new york jets oakland raiders philadelphia eagles pittsburgh steelers san diego chargers san francisco 49ers seattle seahawks tampa bay buccaneers washington redskins.

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6 Fat Burning Exercises When the Weather Isn’t Co-Operating

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We all know this scenario, you are totally focused on your weight loss goal, you have your gear, you’ve done your stretches and then it starts to rain! So what do you do? After all you have committed yourself to leading a healthier lifestyle and can’t quit now. Thankfully there are ways to burn fat indoors.

Every day with, with every action you get a little bit closer to achieving your weight loss goal. Just because the weather isn’t very accommodating doesn’t mean that you can give up just yet! Indoor exercise may not always be comfortable, but it is practical when you don’t want to give up on a goal.

After all, if you have a real weight goal, no excuse is going to get in your way even if the weather isn’t playing fair.

TV exercise

Let’s face it, people spent a lot of time in front of the TV. I know because I was one of those people! Try increasing your efficiency and kill two birds with one stone by getting your fat burning exercise done while watching your favourite TV programs. You can even play a dedicate exercise DVD.

Window shopping

Did you know that walking is one of the best forms of exercise? And that is simply because it doesn’t put as much strain on the body as traditional forms of exercise. So when the weather outside is nasty, take a stroll through the mall and do a bit of window shopping. You can even get your friends involved by starting a ‘mall walking club’.


As long as you are going to be moving anyway you might as well be learning a new skill, like dancing. There are many different types of dancing; all of them are effective in burning fat. Even the slowest types of ball room dancing will burn plenty of calories!

Anything new at the gym

Gyms are always testing out new equipment, so why don’t you try mastering one of them when the weather is messing with your exercise routine! You can even rediscover some of your old favourites or sign up for workout classes.

Indoor facilities

There are many ways to burn fat without being outside like swimming a few laps in an indoor pool or running a couple of miles on the treadmill! One of the best ways to lose weight is to pick up an indoor sport like action soccer or action netball.

Lifting weights

Heck, if you wanted to burn fat you don’t even need to step foot outside! You can always use small hand weights and resistance bands right inside your house to burn fat. Lifting weights to build muscle can be very useful in burning fat, simply because muscle helps burn fat.

Indoor exercise may not always be ideal, but does keep you active and on track to reach your weight loss goals. But once again don’t forget have at least one rest day to allow your body to recover! And if the weather turns nasty and you where due to go outside exercising, you can always swap that exercise day for a rest day!

Source by Justin Greyling

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Franklin Sports NFL Indianapolis Colts Replica Youth Helmet and Jersey Set

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Franklin Sports got its start in 1946 as a regional brand of Sporting Goods products. Irving H. Franklin, who co-founded Franklin Sports in 1946 with his brother Sydney Franklin, brought the innovative idea of centering a complete line of products on a single athlete – Joe Namath. Over the years Franklin has affiliated with the best in sports including world class athletes like Sugar Ray Leonard, David Robinson, Dan Marino, Barry Bonds and more.Warning: Helmet must not be used as protective equipment in football or any other sport
Includes team logo helmet with chin strap and team logo jersey
Team jersey is 100% polyester-mesh
Fits most kids ages 5-9, Chest: 25-29″, Height: 48-54″
Perfect as a costume or to show your team support on game day

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Why Should You Install LED Boat Lights?

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Your current lighting setup works just fine right? You can see your decks well in the night, you get by just fine with that single small reading light in the cabin, and heck, you just make sure you’re extra careful when running your systems so you don’t end up draining the battery banks. So why bother going with LED lights instead of those nice cheap incandescent bulbs you’ve been using all these years?

If this is your way of thinking when it comes to the lighting onboard your boat, the chances are very good you are wasting a lot of money and dealing with a lot more hassle than you probably realize.

Most boaters are well familiar with the need to manage onboard electrical power. Since all power for electrical devices must be produced, stored and supplied independently of onshore sources, boaters must rely on generators, solar panels, wind turbines and battery banks to produce and store electrical energy. Because of this, the amount of power that can be generated and stored is severely limited and close attention must be given to maintaining adequate power levels for the operation of vital equipment as well as luxuries in order to avoid increased costs through excessive fuel consumption and potentially dangerous situations where battery reserves are depleted to the point of being unable to start engines or operate safety lighting.

Because it can become expensive to run generators frequently, and alternative power sources such as wind and solar are limited in their ability to replenish supplies, most boaters resort to rationing power use. While larger battery banks and generators can provide increased generating and storage capabilities, the cost of fuel still remains a stumbling block and only increases with such additions. Many boaters will resort to battery powered lamps, running only a couple small cabin lights sporadically in order to make it possible to at least get to the head without banging a shin, and running the most minimal anchor and mast lighting possible while still meeting compliance with regulations. While all of these things and more can indeed reduce power consumption, they take away from the overall ability to enjoy your time on the water, and this is a serious problem when we consider that for most boaters, the whole point is to enjoy the luxury and relaxation that comes with spending time onboard.

Although they are not the most power hungry devices, lights represent a major part of the electrical system and due to their critical nature, are impossible to do away with entirely. It is ironic indeed that for something which is so important to the general safety and functioning of onboard activities, they are often treated as non-essential when it comes to power management. The good news though, is that this no longer has to be the case.

The most important benefit boaters can realize from switching to LED lighting onboard their boat is greatly reduced energy consumption. Whereas a typical 25 watt halogen bulb may draw over 2 amps and produce only 425 lumens, an LED fixture producing 500 lumens can use only 10 watts and pull less than 1 amp. That is more light output using less than half as much power. This kind of efficiency is impossible with normal incandescent lamps and allows you to produce more light, using fewer fixtures. For a boater who is loathe to leave cabin lights on for any length of time, this means you can install half as many lamps and produce the same illumination, while cutting the power draw by up to three quarters. This mean no more reading by the weak yellowish light of a battery lamp, or making so with dim cabins and hard to work in galleys or cockpits.

While LEDs do cost more initially than traditional lamps, they provide other cost saving benefits besides efficiency, which further help to offset their higher price and provide net savings over the long term. Lamp life is one of these peripheral benefits, and it can be extended over ten times as long using LEDs. A typical incandescent bulb will last approximately 500 to 1500 hours, causing frequent outages and the need for equally frequent replacements. Each time you replace that lamp, you incur additional costs. An LED boat light on the other hand will last in excess of 50,000 hours on average. That means that you would have to replace an incandescent lasting an average of 1,000 hours 50 times to equal the longevity of your LED lamp. If we say your incandescent bulb costs $1.00, that’s $50.00 over the course of 50,000 hours. With LED bulbs now available for as low as $24.00 for quality units, it is easy to see a net savings in maintenance and replacement costs alone. Add in the power and fuel saved as well, and it is clear that LEDs are actually more cost effective over the long term.

Two other very notable improvements LEDs offer over incandescent lamps are cooler operation and much greater durability. Most boaters are well aware of how warm it can get below decks in the summer. Now imagine placing several small heaters in that small cabin as well. Things can get rather warm quite quickly, obviously. Well, this in effect is what you are doing when you turn on those hot running halogen or incandescent cabin lights. This in turn causes air conditioning to run harder and more often, using more fuel and draining more power. LEDs on the other hand run cool enough to touch with your bare hand, even after hours of operation, reducing the heat added to the cabin, often the AC needs to run, and improving your overall comfort.

LEDs can also survive rough handling that would destroy a normal glass incandescent bulb. LEDs have no wire filament, no glass, no gases or mercury, and can withstand jarring, vibrations, and even impacts from dropping or accidental hits without any change in performance.

Overall, the reasons for switching your boats lighting system over to LEDs are numerous. You can run more of them, and for longer periods. They need less maintenance and cost less to operate over their lifetime. And last but certainly not least, they’ll allow you to spend less time worrying about maintaining your battery reserves and more time actually enjoying your boat. And that, friends, is why you should install LED lights onboard your boat.

Source by Dexter Luck

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NCAA Louisville Cardinals Men’s Heather Jersey Color Blocked Training Shorts, Medium, Red Heather

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Celebrate your team spirit in comfort and style with Champion’s Heather Jersey Color blocked Training Short10″ inseam color blocked training short with pockets and exposed waistband
Embroidery on left hem
Available on team primary heather with team secondary

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Forever Collectibles POP1016-00001 Dual Hybrid Bold Series Case for iPhone 7 Plus – NFL Dallas Cowboys

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This dual hybrid case features a lightweight silicone inner cushion and a hard thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) outer shell. Officially licensed with your favorite team’s logo, this is the perfect case for the sports fan looking for ultimate protection for their phone.Maximum protection fits like a glove, full vibrant team color
The two layers provide extra protection while still allowing easy access to all device ports and controls
Outer shell features a raised, cutting-edge 3D logo of your favorite team
Made by forever collectibles, officially licensed team logo cell phone case
Lightweight, form-fitting case reduces bulk

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Forever Collectibles NCAA Minnesota Golden Gophers Core Duffle Bag

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This team Duffle Bag has a large main compartment, multi pocket organization and screen printed logos. Pack up your stuff and get to the game.Adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfort
Officially licensed product in team colors with team logo to show your team spirit
Large main compartment with multiple pockets to carry all your essentials
Made of durable polyester for multi-purpose use
Perfect for school or travel, this bag is sure to make a great gift

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Von Miller Denver Broncos NFL Toddler Orange Home Mid-Tier Jersey (Toddler 3T)

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Officially licensed by the NFL Von Miller Denver Broncos Orange Mid-Tier Toddler JerseyOfficially licensed by the NFL
Decorated in team colors and logo
Screen print player name and graphics
Brand new with tags

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NFL Football 2014 Baby Infant Girls Pink Pacifier 2-Pack – Pick Team (Miami Dolphins – Pink)

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Officially Licensed
BPA free

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Franklin Sports NCAA Baylor Bears Youth Deluxe Team Uniform Set, Multi, Medium

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National Collegiate Athletic Association Deluxe Youth Team Uniform Set from Franklin Sports includes a team logo helmet with chin strap, 100% polyester team logo jersey with shoulder pads, team pants and a iron-on number kit (#’s 0-9). Fits most kid’s ages 7-9 years old. Perfect as a costume or to show your team spirit on game day! Helmet must not be used as protective equipment in football or any other sport.Fits most kids ages 7-9, Waist: 22-25″, Chest: 25-29″, Height: 48-54″
Warning: Helmet must not be used as protective equipment in football or any other sport
Includes team logo helmet with chin strap, team logo jersey with shoulder pads, team pants and iron-on number kit (#’s 0-9)
Team jersey is 100% polyester, team pants are 100% double-knit polyester w/elastic waistband and cuffs
Perfect as a costume or to show your team spirit on game day

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NFL Dallas Cowboys Three Way Diztracto Spinnerz

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Show your team spirit with this Three Way Distractor Spinners by Forever Collectibles. The 3-Sided Spinner is designed for maximum spin time and is decorated with your favorite team colored logo. It can be used to relieve stress and anxiety and is easy to carry. Makes for an ideal gift!NFL Three Way Distractor Spinners
3-sided Spinner designed for maximum spin time
Decorated with team colored logo
Can be used to relieve stress and anxiety
Easy to carry and compact

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What is Paintless Dent Repair?

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Many times, you are simply in disbelief that your vehicle is sporting another dent or ding. It just doesn’t take much to mar the beautiful car’s surface. Anything from an errant rock to an out-of-control shopping buggy can all pose a significant hazard to your car’s exterior. One of the best ways to repair these types of dents is with Paintless Dent Repair. However, there are certain requirements for the types of damage this process will be most effective on.

What Types of Damage Can Be Fixed with PDR?

The most common types of damage that are easily repaired with PDR are those that are in a door panel or fender. The dents do not have creasing or painted removed. They also cannot entail the trim area and need to be a certain distance away from the edge of the part.

What Is the PDR Process?

This process sounds rather simple; however, it takes a great deal of training and experience to get it right. The first step in the process is to gain access to the area behind the damage. This involves removing the inside door panel or perhaps removing a tire for access to a wheel well. Then, with the use of several specialized tools, the metal is massaged from behind. Once complete, there is no sign of the repair. It’s also much less expensive than a traditional repair in a typical body shop. The entire time to do the repair only takes about one to two hours. If you’ve ever had your vehicle in a body shop, you know that it can days for your car to get fixed. This not only is inconvenient, you could not have access to your vehicle for days.

Let the Company Come to You

Almost all of the companies that offer this type of service offer mobile service as well. They will come to your location, such as your work or home and take care of the car. It’s a very convenient way to get your car looking fantastic again. This is also a great idea for a leased or rented vehicle, too.

In Closing

The key to this process is choosing someone who has the training and experience to effect the repair properly. If not, you could end up with more damage than before and it could be very expensive to fix! For the best results, only use a PDR company that is well established, insured, and bonded.

Source by Steven Magill

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2017 Panini Classics NFL Football EXCLUSIVE Factory Sealed Retail Box with 64 Cards including 8 ROOKIES & 8 INSERTS! Look for RC & Autographs of Mitch Trubisky, Leonard Fournette & Many More! WOWZZER!

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Wowzzer! Brand New! We are Proud to offer this EXCLUSIVE 2017 Panini Classics NFL Football Factory Sealed Retail Box! This Awesome Factory Sealed Box includes 8 Packs with 8 Cards Per Pack for a Total of 64 Cards! Plus this EXCLUSIVE Factory Sealed Box Includes EIGHT(8) ROOKIE cards and EIGHT(8) INSERTS! Look for Rookie Cards and Rookie Autographs from Mitch Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook, Christian McCaffrey, Patrick Mahomes, D’onta Foreman, Mike Williams, Josh Dobbs, Davis Webb, Jonathan Allen, Alvin Kamara, Corey Davis, John Ross, Deshone Kizer & MANY MORE! Collect the Classics 300-card base set, including 100 current veterans, 100 legends, and 100 Rookies from the 2017 NFL Draft! Look for Legendary Dual Autographs and and Current Stars Autographs! Chase rare memorabilia swatches from veterans and legends of the NFL! This Product is Loaded! Good Luck with your Pulls!

Check out our Amazing Prices and Large Selection of Factory Sealed Boxes, Sets, and Singles of MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer & Much More! We also have a HUGE Selection of BCW and Ultra Pro Supplies!

Plus be sure to check out our Super Popular Amazing Beckett GGUM AUTHENTIC GAME USED MEMORABILIA GRADED Cards! Look for Cards of Michael Jordan, Mickey Mantle, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Cal Ripken, Mark McGwire, Dave Beckham, Elvis Presley & Many More!

Search- BECKETT GGUM BGS to find these Great Looking Graded Game Used Memorabilia Cards!

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