Cardinals vs. Cowboys | NFL Hall of Fame Game Highlights

The Arizona Cardinals battle the Dallas Cowboys in the 2017 Hall of Fame matchup. Watch Live Preseason Games with NFL Game Pass: …


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39 thoughts on “Cardinals vs. Cowboys | NFL Hall of Fame Game Highlights

  1. good to see Kellen Moore back leading game winning drives again, dude was 2nd string last year but broke his ankle then romo went down and Dak shined after that but Kellen is a better pocket passer than Dak he just needs to work on his mobility and long ball and he can be the next drew brees. But teams need to give him a fair chance first

  2. I'm liking the Cardinals this year, I feel like this will be their year! I'm a falcons fan but i'm going cardinals this year because i'm embarrassed at what happened last year

  3. Brice butler's production this game puts me in a secure place knowing that at least another wr other than dez and Beasley are trying to make a difference on offense. I'm a diehard Dallas fan but I gotta admit that twill catches with his body and I can't always count on those type of catches.

  4. Anyone else notice how the commetater was saying first cow boys touchdown when it was ten 15 same when he said Brice butler scored but it was Rico gathers

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